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Life is a dream
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The Goddess presiding over the city Of Kollur in Karnataka. She is a form of Goddess Parvathy but is supposed to grant wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. She is very popular among Keralites who all wish to teach the first alphabets in font of her on Vijaya Dashami day.

Naana kanchi Vichithra vasthra sahitham,
Naana vidhair bhooshitham,
Naana pushpa sukandha malya sahitham,
Naana janaa sevitham,
Naana Veda purana sasthra vinutham,
Naana kalir pradham,
Naana roopa dharmam, mahesa mahishim,
Dyayami mookambikam.

I meditate on that Mookambika,
Who dresses herself in various dresses and silks,
Who is adorned in multifarious ways.
Who wears garlands made of various flowers,
Who is worshipped by different type of people,
Who is recognized by different puranas, Vedas and science,
Who bestows various blessings,
Who takes up various roles ,
And who is the consort of Mahesha.
Translated By P.R.Ramachander
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