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Modi of Gujarat brings in when A. Raja caused loss to the country!!

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Secret behind the Modi magic

Over 2700 MoUs worth over Rs 15 lakh crore were inked in just one day in Gujarat as part of the 5th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors' Summit on Wednesday. That is a record and has made other states gawk in wonder and envy.

Secret behind the Modi magic - 1 - National News ? News ? MSN India

Kindly read the full write up. BJP leaders should allow Shri Modi to become PM. He is one capable and free from corruption, man in India now.
I wholeheartedly second that. Modi is a born entrepreneur who can do wonders to the economy. He has a clean image (free of corruption) and awesome leadership qualities. Certainly Prime Minister material.

Each time i see Raja and his croonies on TV i wonder what material they are made of. All so shameful, and yet they show no iota of any shame. Sickening.

Yes, Modi is dynamic and efficient. He has a good cabinet and bureaucracy.
They are enthusiastic lot, and have great resilience. See how they have
overcome natural calamities like earthquake and floods and rebuild the towns
and cities in a short time.

They are the pioneers in Textiles and engineering industries that go with it.
They have chemicals and bulk drugs, petro-chemicals, pharma industries.
Modi has cleared Tata's automobile project in record time and in addition
to this, has made available to him the infra-structure.
Modi or Raja, ie, Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Even then , I would second Raja than modi.

Modi would have bought money, and Raja would have swallowed money. Money and materialism is all not that what one wants. But the shame Modi brought to the whole hinduism thought his gujrat carnage and genocide will never be forgotten even if he brings Gujarath economy on par with America.

Modi is a life time shame for all of us.
Mr Shiv KC and Mr Nara both of your statements clearly indicates that You Know Nothing bout Modi.
I think that you are pointing Mr Lalith Modi nd not Hon'ble Narrendra Modi,The Common Manm of Gujarat.
His able and efficient administration is appreciated by the Indians throughout the World...
Gujarathis never experienced Power Cut so far...
Industries in Gujarat is increasing day by day..At the same time Industries in TN is closing day by day because of Power cut..
Vacancies are increasing day by day in Gujarat...
Unemployment and Criminal activities are increasing day by day here...
Police force is used as Ruling party Rowdies here...
CBI is mis used in Gujarat by Cong..
Rs 5000/- per vote is Thirumangalam Formula here...
By Elections are Very Fair and Free in Gujarat.

Many more for us to be ashamed of Govt in TN..
Words are not sufficient to Praise CM of Gujarat..
While what happened in 2002 in GUJARAT is not a good thing,I personally feel that CONGRESS PARTY JUST TO GET VOTES FROM MINORITIES indulges in BAD propaganda against BJP In this process they least worry that COUNTRY is getting bad name internationally.Asimilar RIOTtook place IN GUJARAT
during SEPTEMBER,1969 when MR.HITENDRA DEASAI was the chief Minister of Gujarat from Congress Party and Madam INDIRA GANDHI was the Prime Minister. I had witnessed the communal riots in Ahmedabad during September,1969.Further there are number of instances in the past when Ex-Chief Ministers from CONGRESS have indulged in organising communal riots to bring bad name to the present chief Minister. To avoid such occurrences Madam Indira Gandhi used to absorb them in central ministries or post them as Governors of other States.
Till today I wonder why none speak about communal riots in Gujarat in 1969 but only about the riots of 2002 while the magnitude of both the riots are same.
About 3000 sikhs were Slaughtered on the Streets of New Delhi after the Assination of Indra Gandhi in 1984.

5000 Sikh ladies were Brutally Raped by Congress.The Culprits Saajan Kumar and Jegadesh Titler were still wandering with out Shame.

The Shameless Congress gave him Ministry Post,while the Shameless Manmohan was the Prime Minister...

After the Assassination of Gandhi (1947) The very same congressmen murdered about 5000 Maharashtrian Brahmins on an Ugly Vengeance that Gotsay was a Maharashtrian Brahmin...

If any Brutal Massacre happens to Minorities it will be Highlighted....

If the Very Same Massacre happens to Hindus everyone will Shut their Ugly Mouth and Shout Slogans...

In Malesia Hindus are agitating for Liberation from the Ruling Muslim Govt for a Very Long Time.All political parties had no Guts to condemn except BJP.

The LTTE and Tamils in Sri Lanka eagerly awaited for the results of Indian Parliamentary Elections as they had a Hope of BJP Rule which will protect them as well as the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The Cunning Congress and Cheat DMK requested Lankan Govt to keep Prabhakaran alive till the Elections are over and Killed him as soon as the Elections are over here.

Congress is always a Barbarian Party sacking only Hindus and favors Only Minorities,.
I request those who find fault with Narendra Modi to know these facts.

1. Narendra Modi was systemically targeted for no wrongs committed by him personally. The whole Indian media has become anti-Hindu and described
him as the perpetrator of the greatest carnage we have ever known. There was some political agenda in this false propaganda.

2. During the regimes of Congress rule in Gujarat, still worse riots have taken place. No one dares to speak about them now.

3. Modi did not personally oversee the genocide (it's not genocide, it's only communal riot), like what the Congress top leaders did in the aftermath of
Indira Gandhi's assasination. Ask any Sikh, he/she will explain what and how.

4. Modi's government has been rated by Planning Commission and National Integration Council as the best or one among the top three in India in terms
of all round economic and social development.

5. Everyone agrees and accepts it is Modi's government that is least corrupt in the country.

6. Because Modi happened to be from BJP, everything he spoke and did are wrong. Had he been in Congress or in some left party, things would have
been totally different.

7. There is no answer to the question 'why other states in the country - esp. those ruled by Congress and other parties - could not achieve what
Modi could achieve during his rule of Gujarat?'

8. Remember Gujarat is sharing some common border - maritime border - with Pakistan. But, when Modi wanted to bring in some law on the lines of
'Maharashtra Organised Crime Control Act' or some other similar laws enacted by Congress ruled states, he was repeatedly frustrated by congress,
with the blessings of the President whose credentials and loyalty to Nehru family are well known.

9. Those who criticise Modi have no other issue to criticise him, except Gujarat riots.

10. Even the Special Investigation Team which investigated the communal riots could not find anything adverse against Narendra Modi.

11. Those who criticise him should pay a visit to Gujarat state once at least. Even after the riots, a sizeable population of Muslims has voted for him
in the subsequent elections.

12. All the opinion polls of the so called secular media predicted miserable defeat of Modi in the elections, but when he delivered success to his party,
no TV channel admitted their bias and prejudice against Modi.

13. No one dared to talk about Godhra incident which was the trigger for the communal riots. Lallu Prasad Yadav went to the extent of appointing a
fake committee which came out with its finding that the Hindu Kar Sevaks in the ill-fated compartment died due to some unknown reason - internal
failure or accident; not because of any external force. There was no bomb or explosive or inflammable material found in the compartment burnt. It
stopped short of telling that all the Kar Sevaks died due to joint suicide. What a big fraud on the nation!

14. Except the politicians (read as secular leaders) and biased media, all other sections of the society comprising of reputed economists, industrialists,
workers, farmers, girls/women, social scientists and the typical common man praise the achievements of Modi.

15. No one ever probed the sources of finance of self-styled human rights activists like Teesta Setalvad.
I feel that even the Muslims in Gujarat are voting for Mr. Narendra Modi. That is why the elements in the Congress, DMK, the communists and the so-called emanicipators of the Dalits and the backward communities are railing at Mr. Modi as communal. I think that Mr. Modi, belonging to the backward communities himself, is definitely on the rise and will marginalise all others in the BJP and even the RSS will have to support him. If all ends well, I feel that Mr. Narendra Modi will lead a BJP led alliance to power in the next five years at the centre!

Sir :

When the minorities killed many Hindus, where did all these politicians
go and what about the silent approval of their dastardly act by the
so-called secularists ? One rule for the Muslims and Christians and another
for Hindus ?.

This is all the ruling parties' dirty game to stick to their cabinet berths
and to woo the minorities. Congress and the so-called secular elements
and the media supporting the Congress and its allies need to be condemned.
Shri Narrendra Modi ji belongs to Vysya Community.In Tamil Nadu we use to say "Chettiar".
I dont know if the Caste comes under Backward or not....

But Modi ji always move ," Forward " and Tries to bring ," Entire State of Gujarat " to come Forward..

BJP Never give importance to Cast ism.

We have leaders from all Indian Communities to Lead us and Guide us.

TN Congress very often uses to say," Kaamarajar Aatchi" on Stages.

So far never High Lighted Nadar Leaders to Lead Congress in State.

Our BJP / TN State President Shri Beloved Pon Ji is from Nadar Community...

Here I dont mean Caste.He is a Real Naadar.

Pon ai Naadar ... Pugaz i Naadar...Adharmathai Naadar...Akramathai Naadar...

Anbai mattume Naduvaar.

We gave opportunity to Shri Venkaiya Naidu to become National President... (Naidu)
We gave opportunity to Shri Bangaru Lakshman ji who is a Dalit..
We gave opportunity to Shri L.K.Advani ji who is a Aasari...
We gave opportunity to Shri Raj Nath Singh ji who is a Shatriya....

So Nationality is the Only Qualification to Lead BJP...
Kumari Anandan who once was TNPCC president belongs to Nadar community. He is elder brother of Vasanthkumar of Vasanth & Co. But, he was not allowed to continue for long in that post as is the wont of Congress party.
Only if an awareness revolution happens in TN will we see a new Govt and new hope,otherwise it will not be long, when TN will be the first state in India to come under monarchy regime(Courtesy Karunanindhi and Co).
It is a shame on the part of the UPA Government that they are trying to give a hasty burial to the CWG scam.Already all the 3 who were interrogated and arrested have been released since CBI could not file FIR in time and the main accused Kalmadi is having a gala time.Surely the UPA is digging its own grave with the help of CBI.

The main purpose of delayed filing of FIR by CBI is to let these scoundrels go scot free,by giving them enough time to destroy incriminating evidence.I guess the same modus operandi from spectrum scam has been deployed.But is is also to be noted that CBI are working with their hands tied behind their back,no use blaming them.All indians can be assured of the fact that ,once CBI takes over ,it is guaranteed that the offenders will go scot free.
In Karnataka political drama being enacted by the Governor and the Chief Minister is reaching its climax.The CM's persistent efforts to pacify the ever growling Governor seem to be of no avail.The Governor now is threatening that he will announce his decision in a day or two to allow prosecution of the CM in the land scam case.The nervous CM is writing to the President to recall the Governor alleging that he is biased. The way the story goes at present, it appears that the fate of the CM hangs in balance.
Beloved Narrendra Modi ji will be the Common Man (Hon'ble C.M) of Gujarat as long as he is alive.
BJP / CM will rule Gujarat as long as it Exists.

In Karnataka Governor is functioning as if The State President of Karnataka Congress.

Congress has No Guts to face Election or The Hon'ble People of Karnataka.In directly it is making a Ugly Play with the Governor,by doing Nasty Things against the Beloved B.S.Yeediyurappa ji.

Governor post is like a ," Ugly Hair Hanging below the Chin " for a Goat,just as described by Dr C.N.Annadurai, former C.M of Tamil Nadu.

In no way it is going to be of use to the Goat.Like the same Way Governors of any State is not going to help the People.

Karnataka Governor is a Fine Example for that.Cong is loosing its importance at all states is only due to its immoral Attitude.
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