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Mobile Phone Etiquette (MPE)

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1. MPE apply to most public places. Always try to keep your phone ringer to lowest or put your mobile phone on vibrate or as per the instructions on the sign boards displayed by the Authorities in hospitals, airplanes, trains, buses, places of worship, cremation/burial grounds, auditoriums, cinema halls etc so it does not distract the people around you.

In public places the mobile phone user should be considerate to people sitting or standing near him/her. He/she shall move away from the people so they are not forced to listen to his/her personal/business conversation.

Leave your phone off to home, or at least in the car, when going to a funeral or any social activity.

Mobile phones should not be used while driving, It is not only very dangerous, but also unlawful in most countries.

Mobile phones should not be used to capture photographs of individuals without their knowledge and consent. It should not be used to take photographs in public places deemed private like swimming pools, gyms etc. Privacy of persons around the user of the camera phone should be respected.

The mobile phone user should not send requests to television operators for displaying their private SMS’s on the TV.

While attending a meeting with your mobile phone, Inform others at the beginning that you are expecting an important call and get their permission.

In case of an emergency even in situation which is against MPE, do take the call as it’s what the actual use for owning a cell phone.

Don’t attend any call, play games or send text messages in front of someone who expects your attention, whether it’s a grocery store clerk, doctor, business partner, teacher or your friend.

. Carrying more than 1 mobiles will only create problems for you so first of all try to use only one mobile if not possible then consider buying Double-SIM mobile phones
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dear prasad !
you have correctly listed the dos and don'ts which most things.
but every body has to follow it.
even in conference the chief guest is seen using the mobile which annoy every body in hall.
most annoying is> 90 %are including the priest are using mobile in temple and prayer hall
we pray more people to follow MPE
with best wishes,
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