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Mile Stone 400-I

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Dear Friends,
I retired in the year 2000 and one of my hobbies as soon as I retired was to translate stotras written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in to English. With the blessings of God as on today, I have completed the translation of 400 such stotras- 363 Sanskrit stotras, 12 Tamil Prayers, 13 Hindi prayers and 12 Malayalam prayers. These were initially put in my web site www.geocities.com/ramya475, which is a free web site. I understand that this web site is going to be closed in October 2009. Fortunately the material of these translations have been replicated in

Due to my request many important web sites concerning Hindu religion have also replicated many of my translations.

By the grace of God these translations contain almost all the important known stotras and very many very rare ones also. A brief review of what has been done is given below:-

I Vishnu
A total of 56 prayers have been translated. Among the most important is the Vishnu Sahasranamam, Venkatesa Suprabatham , Thiruppavai , stotras addressed to Mathsyavathara, Varahavathara, Parasuramavathara and rare stotras written by Vedantha Desika, Vadi Raja Theertha, Parasara Bhatta and Jayadeva.

There are 18 stotras in this category. There are stotras written by Ahalya, Jatayu, Devendra, Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Thulasidas.
There are 30 translations of prayers addressed to Lord Krishna. The entire Bhaja Govindam, Mukunda Mala, Gopika Gita besides the very rare Guruvyurappa Suprabatham are available here. Some rare stotras written By Indra, Vasudeva and Chaithanya Maha Prabhu are also included here. Krishna Sthava Raja and Krishna Manasa pooja are the rare stotras.

IV. Shiva
Translations of 50 stotras addressed to Lord Shiva are included. Shiva Sahasranama, Thiruvembavai , Shiva Thandava Stotra by Ravana, Shivananda Lahari by Adhi Shankara, rare stotrams like Shivashtakam by Chaithanya Maha Prabhu and Viswanatha Suprabatham besides Shiva Kavacham and Shiva Manasa pooja are also included.

Translations of 86 great stotras are included in this section. Some of the great ones are Lalitha Sahasranamam, Lalitha Trishathi, Soundarya Lahari, Kamakshi Suprabatham, Annapurnashtakam, Mahishasura Mardini stotram , Shyamala Dandakam , Varahi Anugrahashtakam, Sri Pada Sapthathi of Meppathur, Vamsa vrudhikara Durga Kavacham and Shakthi Mahimna stotram written by sage Durvasa .Some of the great Tamil works translated are Abhirami Andathi and Mariamman Thalattu.

Twenty great stotras addressed to Ganesa are translated. Some of the rare ones are Ganesa Manasa Pooja, Ganesa Bahya pooja, Ganapathi Atharva Seersha and Vinaygar Agaval from Tamil.

Fourteen stotras addressed to Lord Subrahmanya which include Shankara’s Subrahmanya Bhujangam are available in this section. This section also has the translation of Kandar Anubhuthi, Skanda Sahti Kavacham, Shanmuga Kavacham , (all from Tamil) and Karthigeya Karavalamba stotram written in Malayalam.

VIII. Ayyappa
Six prayers addressed to Lord Ayyppa have been translated. Among them is the famous Ayyappa Suprabatham written in Malayalam and the famous Hariuvarasanam.

IX. Planets
Twenty seven prayers addressed to planets which include the famous Adhithya Hrudayam, prayers addressed to individual planets as well as Kavachams addressed to individual planets.

X. Rivers
Five prayers addressed to river Ganga and one addressed to Yamuna are translated in this section.

XI. Hanuman
Ten prayers addressed to Hanuman which includes the famous Hanuman Chalisa written by Saint Thulasi das are included here.

XII. Philosophical prayers
Eighteen prayers with philosophival import like The Nirvana triology of Shankara, Aparokshanubhuthi of Shankara, Vijanana Nauka of Shankara , the Bharata Savithri etc have been translated under this heading. Also I have translated the entire Jnanappana of Poonthanam in to English.

XIII.Model daily prayer
An omnibus collection of different prayers that are to be recited from morning to night including stotras addressed to several Ishta Devathas are included here.

IXV. Vedic Hymns
The first great prayers of Hindus are found in Various Vedas. Seventeen such prayers have been translated and given under this heading. These include Rudram, Chamakam, Manthra Pushpam, Shree Suktham, Medha Suktham etc.

XV.Other prayers
Thirty two prayers addressed to various other Gods are given under this heading. These include ones addressed to Garbha Rakashambikai, Kala Bhairava , Garuda, Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, Thulasi etc.

XVI. Parayana material
Seven great books have been translated under this heading. This include the entire Sundara Kandam., Devi Mahatmyam (Chandi) , Bhagwad Gita in to English verse , Sri Ramodantham and the famous Pasurappadi Ramayanam.
I realize that I could not even make a very feeble attempt to do these translations except with the grace of God. I was but his fingers typing according to His dictates. Nearing seventy, I really do not know how long I would be able to continue what I am doing. I realize that any thing that I put in the web may vanish from there. Two options to preserve them are left with me:-

  • Take a print out of all that I have done and present it to some Hindu libraries like Kanchi and Sringeri mutt. I simple cannot afford to do this.
  • Copy all my translations in to computer CD and encourage religious people to sell it at a nominal price so that they can make money for the religious/social cause.
Can some of you help me in this regard?
With best wishes,
Thats a great contribution that you have done Mr.Ramachander.

If it is not an issue and ofcourse with your permission, we can replicate/mirror your contributions here on tamilbrahmins.com

At the same time, i can help you on getting your great work saved and possibily get them printed as well.

Please let me know how can i get in touch with you or alternatively do send me an email - [email protected] where we can take this further.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Not open for further replies.

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