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metal steps for golu ?

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Metal steps

This could only be an arrangement as per convenience (Yatha sowgaryam). No sastras/sampradayas. Only space issue counts. There was a time when wood was cheaper than iron, raw rice costlier than boiled rice, sweets costlier than savouries etc. Slotted angle seems ideal for these days which will ensure max. space utilisation and saving:noidea:.

G Soundara Rajan
anthak kaalaththil ellaam,marappettiyai vaiththu athan Mel palagaiyai pottu, thuni viritthu kolu vaippaarkaL. Ippo sulabamaana vazhi enbatharkaaka woodden / slotted angle racks ellaam vanthirukku. ithai utilize pannikkarathila entha thappum illai endru enakku thonuthu. Enna solreenga?
The toys which are displayed in the Golu have undergone lot of changes. We display not only toys made of clay and wood but also plastic, metals etc. Golu stand can also be metal instead of wood. I think there is no hard and fast rule for both display items and stand.

When we buy Golu toys, we are indirectly supporting artistes and craftmen who produce it.
Metal stands are being used for quite a long time and I earnestly feel there is no harm in it.
Slotted angle steps for Kolu

There is nothing wrong in using Iron steps for Kolu.It is more of a tradition or sampradaya .There is nothing ritualistic about it but for keeping the Kalasa for investiture of Devi in that.Otherwise it is pure laukika sampradayam
It is only matter of convenience. Metal steps are easily detachable and uses less space for storage.
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