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mera bhArat mahAn

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thank you sai,

i went through the slides. they are awesome. we need to develop internal tourism in an organized way, so that with the increasing prosperity, folks might want to change to explore india, than take a weekend trip to singapore, colombo or dubai.

just one request though - your quote 'Who says the wax museums at London and Paris. Let them try to beat these creations at the Siddhagiri museum, Kolhapur'

i do not think there is any competition between siddhagiri and madame tussauds. why unnecessarily demean ourselves with empty bravado. siddhagiri can stand on its own. madame tussauds can equally stand on her own. there is no need to indulge in boasts that does not present in a good light. hope you don't mind.
comparison is a natural way for some to harness a sense of pride.

siddhagiri is so life like,i can relate.never been to tussauds,so dont know.thank saidevo.sairam.

indias rich heritage,is lost becoz,its a rat race now.even in spirituality,there is rat race.so,better to pray to lord ganesha only as his vahana is rat. or moonjoor.
i agree 100% that comparison, competition are the fuel that drives successes and excellence.

india's rich legacy as tourist points is a potential for large scale employment. for most of western europe, tourism is among the top 3 or 4 money spinners.

for what i know, only kerala & goa, the delhi/agra/jaipur are some of the places which have highly defined tourist industry. it needs a concerted effort and investment, plus lots lots of advertisement.

the only issue i had with sai, and perhaps i read it harsh, is the way tussaud was compared to siddhagiri. i read it as a sound of jingoism, which sounds jarring, and i may be completely wrong in my interpretation. i accept that.

there is a beauty in taj mahal. there is a beauty in thanjavur big temple. there is a beauty in st. paul's cathedral or paris notre dame cathedral. i do not think one will beat another. they all coexist, and each in their own way, glorify their individual culture.
sai ji
it is wounderful and proud to see such a beautiful creation. as said by kunjuppu ji, we should promote internal tourism and with a proper marketing in and out side india.
we have to improve and set the standards by seeing other countries for the changes in the field.
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Sri Saidevo

Very nice, Thanks for the link.

I may also like to add that the "Akshardham Mandir" in NDelhi, /Gujarat are also worth seeing in these similar lines,depicting the Indian Heritage and life.

There are many others , in smaller ways( like among which) "Madhavan Nair Foundation of Kerala History " with a sound and light show at Edappally ,Eranakulam etc.

These kind of efforts and the dedicated persons behind them deserve due respect.

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