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Meet the woman, 29, deeply in love with Russian 'chessboard' serial killer who murder

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OMG! It takes all types of people to make the world, indeed!!!

Meet the woman, 29, deeply in love with Russian 'chessboard' serial killer who murdered 49 people - and she wants to marry him behind bars and have his baby

Alexander Pichushkin, 42, was jailed in Moscow in 2007 for 49 murders
He began writing to a 29-year-old shop worker called Natalya from jail
They are now engaged with Natalya adopting the murderer's last name
She says she wants to marry the killer despite never having met him

He has coldly murdered 49 people and callously boasted of slaughtering more.
But one of Russia's most dangerous serial killers is to become a groom after becoming engaged from behind bars to a fanatical fiancée.
Alexander Pichushkin will spend the rest of his life behind bars but that is of no hindrance to his partner, Natalya.
The pixie-haired shop worker from Nyagan, central Russia, began writing to the killer when he was jailed for Moscow in 2007.

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Natalya Pichushkin, who has already adopted her fiancé's last name, says she wants to marry serial killer Alexander Pichushkin

He proposed to her in a letter and the pair are planning to wed despite never having met in real life.
Natalya, 29, sees no reason to be afraid of the 42-year-old who she affectionately calls Sasha.
'Every maniac lives two lives. In one body coexist two completely opposite personalities,' she said on local TV according to The Siberian Times.
Natalya even has a tattoo of the man on her inner arm as a reminder of their relationship. While she is desperate to have a baby with him, she says they have agreed for her to find another man to have children with because he will be in prison until he dies.
Pichushkin was jailed in 2007 for the murders of 49 people. He claimed to have killed more and wanted to butcher 64 in total to match the number of squares on a chessboard.

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