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MEDICINE..Just For Fun..TVK.[kk4646]

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Hey, What Happend to you man.. you are sneezing...?

I got severe cold & cough..TVK...I am...suffering..suffering...

Oh..Don't worry ..I will suggest a good medicine...

What medicine..? I tried everything ..nothing works...

No..No..This one is a very different & effective...And I suggested this to All My Friends...And Everyone Is Happy With This Medicine......

Then tell me..I want to get-rid of this & YOU...

I will tell you, but you must follow my instructions very carefully,otherwise this will not work...

'Oh'..You are irritating me....

O.K.OK....Be patient..& listen carefully...

First You take One Tea-spoon of Chilli Powder...

Chilli Powder..?? are you Joking...?

See..This is the problem with you ...Always suspecting ....You Must Have Faith In What You Do...Pl.Understand..

OK..Ok..Tell me quickly...

That's good..Don't interrupt. You must grind this one-teaspoon of chilli powder to fine

powder....So..You take a square piece of dry cloth..or you can use your kerchief if it has

not become wet because of your sneezing...ok.


Then put this one teaspoon of chilli powder at the centre of the cloth & fold all corners

diagonally , then lift this without spilling the chilli powder, twist it so that you will get a

small pouch with chilli powder inside.

Oh..such a cumbersome process..! OK..Proceed..

Now, you take a big table-spoon or something heavy & gently tap this pouch till the

powder become very fine ..When the powder becomes very nice it will try to squzee out

of the cloth & you stop your tapping at this stage...O.K...


Now unfold the cloth very carfully....but if you are in a room with ceiling fan running

..first stop the fan before unfolding the cloth..otherwise the grinded chilli powder will

fly ,get into your eyes and the 'sneezing boy' will also become a 'weeping boy'..


You can see most of the chilli powder struck with the cloth...but don't worry you need

very little powder only...

Take a small quantity...in a tea spoon of this grinded chilli powder ...less than 1/4

teaspoon...you must be very careful with the quantity..it should not be either less or


Now comes is the very importent instruction of the treatment..so do it correctly....

Take this tea spoon with the grinded chilli powder, bring it underneath your nostrils

and...and ..INHALE IT FULLY.....

Then...then.. EVERYTHING will GO OFF...

Hey...Hey..Why are you running ...man....Hey..Hey...!!!


P.S.: Don't ask me whether this is the one I take....

''My job' is to prescribe the medicine...

Not to test it on himself....you know...

A man asked his close friend," What was the medicine you gave your

horse when it developed its complaint?"

The friend replied ,"Turpentine."

The man returned the next day to report, "My horse died due to

turpentine." :deadhorse:

The friend said," My horse also died due to turpentine!" :sad:

The man asked, "Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" :mad:

The friend replied in a calm voice, "Well! you never asked me as to what

happened to my horse!" :ohwell:
Dear Madam,

Thanks for your reply..Actually this was posted by me in Verdurez.com sometime in Octo.'10..since Humour is my basic instinct..and writings such as Poetry..others are just side kicks..

Since Verdurez is an international site..I have received lot comments as well as brickbats..but I have become famous which made me to post further more..I have posted this here just to know how many will like this ...
with regards,

Can I be frank with you?

Humor should be short and precise!

When we dilute it too much, the humor will lose its basic charm.

This is my honest opinion!

Too short will make people :confused:

Too long will make it :violin:

Thanks..You mean slap-stick..?

Ha..Ha.. I have enough...

" Have You Ever Get Angry With Anybody......."?

hmmmmm.....Yes..Whenever You Talk To Me..!!!


This Not for you..!!


Since all the "you(s)"
were told by "you",

they must also be
decided by "you"!

No one but "you"
is allowed to allot

all those "you(s)"
to help "you"!!! :confused:
One more..


....How Do You Like My "SLAPSTICKS"......??

..hmmmm.....WAIT......I Will Get The "STICK".......!!

Promoted from :brick:

to mere sticks?

Vast improvement!

Keep it up!
Dear kk4646,
Recently I visited a house of a friend who informed me to see the new Board put up by him near the entrance.
All are Welcome.Some come,confuse us and leave.Some come return as confused people.Some come make us Happy and leave.
Some come and we are Happy when they Leave.
I am confused as to which catogory Your Jokes come.(No offence meant)
Earlier I used to listen to a programme in SUN TV on Saturdays hosted by AIRTEL.All the Participants were expert Jokers.I was impressed with a 19 year old boy from Coimbatore who was narrating JOKES continuously without break and will stop only when his allotted time is over.
Dear Krishnamurthy Sir,

I am happy for your interest in my posting..Eventhough I joined Tamil bramins sometime in 2009/10..I have stared posting only recently..So I do not know much about categories in tamilbrahmins..In my opinion a humour is for relaxation and the categorie are secondary..As for as Tv channels are concerned..neither I have the time or interest to see these programmes.. and I belive in self creation of anything ..But I am inspired by the writings of BanumathiRamakrishna ,the Actress, writer, Director, Singer..whose stories I read in Tamil and to some extent I will try to follow her style but I know that I will not succeed..

with regards.

Jokes and wit are attractive only they are spontaneous and original.

No one can go on telling jokes non stop for any allotted time. :blabla:

Jokes should make a person think and convey

a message/a moral/a theory/ a practice!

That can be found in N.S. Krishnan's subtle comedy

and not in the top-of-the-voice-shouting seen today :yell:

named as comedy! :rant: :nono:
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