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Meaning of Naandhi

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About Naandhi

Our own TB in Kerala don't perform Naandhi. However throughout Tamilnadu Naandhi is performed on the previous day of marriage by TB . Why this difference ?
Can someone explain the significance of Naandhi? Is it mandatory to perform Naandhi before a marriage or is it an optional event?

V. Viswanathan
hi sir,
recently i heard about importance of Naandhi...its important in
upanayanam/marriage.....its called naandhi sradham....means
invoking parents blessings (3 generations) for an auspicious
function...its like sumangali prarthanai...

to all: Naandhi is done only for Upanayanam and just get the vadu should Know about the Three generations(Vedic Period the GURU will perfrom the Upanayanam and he advacated three generations of GURU Parambra as reference and the MUMUkshu become Disciples. But todays Vathiyars wanted to make quick money they imposed so many unwanted things. s.r.k.
nandhi is done to get the blessings of our pithrus.it is is nothing but remembering of them just like sumangali prararthana for ladies.even in case of sasti abdha poorthy onthe previous day(during rudhra ekadhasi)nandhi is conducted.it is in vogue. ofcourse it is left to the individual to do it or not.pranams v.lalithakumar
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