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Meaning for this SaraswatI vandanA...

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शारदा शारदाम्भोजवदना वदनाम्बुजे।
सर्वदा सर्वदाऽस्माकं सन्निधिंसन्निधिं क्रियात् ॥

I am able to see the halant symbol attached to the last त in the editor screen, but when submitted the same soesn't seem to appear?
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शारदा = The Goddess SaraswatI; शारदाम्भोजवदना = One who has a countenance like that ofa fully blossomed lily in a night of Autumn (the period with Moonlit Nights); वदनाम्बुजे = O! One whoselily-countenance (I behold); सर्वदा = Always; सर्वदाsस्माकं = giver of everythingto us; सन्निधिं = Good wealth(Education); सन्निधिं = Close/proximal
क्रियात् = MayShe make happen! आशीर्लिङ् of डुकृञ|
May the GoddessSaraswati - of a Moonlit Nights’-Lily-like white countenance- She whose faceitself is the White Lily that gives peace bless us with the proximity of thegreatest wealth that is education!

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