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Maysam and Sodhakumbam

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My mother passed away on 5th Sep 2011. I performed all the rituals from day one to 12th and subhaswekaram on 13th day. I am residing in Gulf Country. Since it is not possible to come everymonth Vadhyar advised me to perform the maysam ( 12+4) on 11th day by giving food for 16 Brahmins. He also advised me that the same will be repeated before varushabdigam. I have done as advised by him. I would appreciate if some one could advise on this whether this will suffice.


Dear Mr. Gopalan

One of your replied I read that no use of giving cow dhanam after 3 hours of death. I have given cow and calf on 12th day along with all other dhanams. Please advise on this.
On 12th day in dasa dhanam you are giving cow and calf. that is correct and there is another cow dhanam is there called udhkranti cow dhanam. This must be given during or after within three hours of death.

For enabling the life to end without any bodily pains and grief to the observers and the person himself , donation of a cow called udhkranti cow dhanam should be made.

The five different pranas: prana in the heart and apanan in stomach; Vyanan distributed all over the body ;udanan in throat and samanan in the nostrils should leave their places , without any discomfort through the various outlets in the body viz eyes,ears,nose,moth,anus,urethra. sankalpam must be taken and then giving dhanam of cow or a full coconut with husk s should be donated with dakshinai.
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