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Matrimonial ads

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Matrimonial ads

They are a BIG business for all the papers, numerous web and good old marriage agencies.

All of categorise them based on religion. Muslims specify their sect ie Shia Sunni, bohra etc. Xians give out their church denomination. They too further specify caste like details.

Hindu ads, as rule, specify the caste of the advertiser, region, language etc. Cate no bar? Few few ads. Religion no bar? What are you talking of?

Almost the only time caste and religion are given weightage, mostly over riding, is matrimony. Once an advertiser specifies caste, 95% or more responses would be from that caste. It is true of all the castes, even SCs. Today I saw chamar caste specified in a dozen ads.

Classification is according to profession and job etc. You will see engineers, doctors, CAs etc advertisers. Education, as a rule, too is specified. If not specified, lols, might be matric or even lower.

There has been a lot of halla gulla that enquiries at fertility clinics ask about the donor's caste. Problem was: A study showed Brahmin sperm is in high demand. Ban the clinic, jail the owner, let sperm be casteless. A few even demanded that Brahmins donors should be banned, not many of course. But none demanded that should be raceless or religionless. Lols. But no one has so far caste classification matrimonial ads. No one has demanded a ban on them. As if any paper could it. Any paper which refuses to carry ads will soon find its matrimonial columns EMPTY, with loss of mega bucks.

Every week such classifieds provide lots of data. Someone should analyse them along with temporal and regional trends. Lots for sociologists, lots for votaries of casteless society. Lots for "secular" political parties standing on platforms of religion and castes. Caste after all is big political issue.​
Dear Sir,

If you had added the word 'caste' in the title of this thread, it would have got at least fifty replies!! That is our forum trend.. :flock:

Opening a matrimonial site has become a new business. Roughly, one thousand bucks are collected as annual subscription!

And, there are thousands of profiles found, in each and every site, if not in lakhs! Everyone wants to get THE BEST deal
and go on :fish2: for years together. That is the modern way of 'varan vEttai!' :ranger:

:gossip: 'That' word would have got this thread five stars too!!!!!
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