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i find it disturbing, that in this day and age, that someone, cannot treat another human akin to our own.

how can we poison our minds to such exclusivity? even at the most racist times in the usa, the blacks were allowed to be cooks. even in the most racist times in nazi germany, the jewish medicine was still respected. islam or christianity, in their original edicts do not have anywhere anything close to shunning one's own kind, to the level that you are demanding.

what is in it, that your God wants from you, that someone's birth has deemed (or damned) him worthy (unworthy) of receving services in the name of God in your household.. i cannot believe that one can honestly, by selectively practising discrimination, one will be pleasing one's gods and supposedly ancestors.

i think it is a shame of this kind, transcends the observation of privacy of practice of religion. hopefully this kind of tribal adherence is on the wane, and conigned to the dungheap of history within our lifetime.
You want to sound like a liberal but again that does not make the cut. Throw everything out of the window and see what will you end up with. You cannot talk about blacks in USA and how they were treated, or for that matter Jews. Did you go and check what really happened or are you going to point me to a few books and say you have the proof ? If you are a rationalist go and read Deivathin Kural (if at all you believe) and see what caste and sub-caste, the entire Varna Dharma was created. It is very easy to condemn and mock one's belief's and hurt them, but when it comes to us it won't be too easy to swallow.
Of course there is a small matter of knowing what and how to cook Madi samayal as per traditions which people from other caste may not be fully aware of ? Will they be fully compliant with Brahmin customs and traditions. It is the same like a Hindu/Brahmin cook going and cooking for another religion. We again need to go back to Sastras and see what is in it.
Please search in the thread ads and offers 3rd page one mr. sampath is helping; his cell no. is there. First you have to search in this forum ads and offers thread and if you are not able to find then only you have to open a thread. also go through other pages of tjis thread ads and offers.
for my two threads i have received some hatsh reply and critsism.i took up this issue not on my own interest but based on the doubts raised by many of my friends.moreover this being a brahmin .com i thought that some one like sastrigal/ganapadigal will give some advice.i dont want any advice from a person who is suggesting to convert to another religion that to in a brahmin .com.brahmin have changed a lot and not in eoght /nineth cetury but then some basic things cannot be compramised.pl dont criticice me give an earnest reply.

I totally agree with you on this, just telling people 'Convert to other religion' for a reason that an individual cannot comprehend for whatever reasons is totally unacceptable. I hope you find a good brahmin(s) cook.
unconditional apologies to vijay & also to giri.

in cases where people request stuff, i would like to think that i am more like kgopalan, ie if you have some useful info provide it, otherwise wait till someone else is able to help.

vijay's request here, struck some recent chords of memory within my family. hence the outburst. kindly pardon me.

thank you.
Thank you girishsai and kunjuppu,

i dont have any illfeeling on anybody.as an orthodox brahmin i would like to have some clarification.i am a person nearing 60 is not taking anything outside let it be saravana bhavan,marriage or any function for the past 35 years because i cannot compramise on certain things.even in my family marriges .i am neither ultra modern nor a madisanji.kunjuppu feel free to express your feeling and your views ultimately it should benefits to our community.

i just turned 60s. somewhere in another thread it was mentioned that folks as they get holder, try to revive their traditions and religions.

i have seen it in my own family, gradually the eating out in buhari stopped, then shanthi vihar, and then even neighbours or friends. not sure if this is in prep for the curtain fall and fear of it, and will to set right the scores with the man upstairs?

personally, i am hoping to continue my carefree wayward ways till the last breath, God Willing :)
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