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It So happened once when Mr. Krushsev the then P.M. of USSR visited India.
Mr. J.N. was indian Prime minister then. He received him with traditional Welcome.
Mr. Krushsev wanted to see India on Roads to have a better Idea about India.
J.N. agreed and tokk mr. Krushsev by road from New Delhi to Lucknow.
As Krushsev could not withstand the Hot sun , they decided to travel from 5 in the morning upto 8 and stay in one of the Travellers bunglow , discuss for the full day about co-operation between 2 countries and travel a further for 2 hrs after Sunset.
In the morning hours at every village Mr. Krushsev observed people with a Pithalai sombu was sitting on road side.
Krushsev was very curious and asked Mr. J.N. what these people are doing.
For a small instance Nehru's face became red with shame and some how he donot want to expose the weakness of Indians and replied the are adding Manure to Indian soil. Prior to that Mr. Krushsev could get the work carried out by Road side indians and had a cruel Smile, and replied Nehru that We russians don't do this.
After sucees ful visit of Krushsev , he invited Mr. Nehru to USSR.
Accordingly Nehru visited USSR and want to return the Cruel Smile back to Krushsev.
J.N. requested for a road side visit to small towns around Moscow, that too in the morning Hours.
A car came picked both the Prime ministers and when it was about to leave moscow outer a ma n totally covered with woolen cloths was sitting on road side with a Pithalai sombu.
J.N. with a cruel smile told Mr. Krushsev I think even Russians add manure to the soil.
Krushsev was upset and summoned that road side fellow to his office.
Next day he was caught and was brought to Krushsev's office.
Even J.N. was there at that time.
The fellow caught was questioned , where you are working.
He replied that I am from India and working in Indian embassy as peon. Mr. J.N. asked him yeh kaam kyoon kiya .
The fellow coolly replied yeh kaam ghar mein karne mein kuch mazaa nahin.
Krushsev was curious and asked J.N. the detail
J.N accepted that he is Indian and as you are aware that we Indians are so honest and as per his traditional practice he is adding Manure to the Russian Soil.

Not open for further replies.

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