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Mangala Sutra/Thali Kodi in Marriage

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Ref.Post No.45

Nobody has sought suggestions from a ‘so called’ rational thinking torch bearer. He comes here and voluntarily suggests some crap and finally concludes with a note not to take anything serious.

In reply, one can also suggest these rational thinking group headed by this Armchair revolutionary can think of selecting a dense forest, where only animals live merrily and where there will be none to disturb/question them or bother them. Besides, since animals do not practice any tradition, they have the pleasure living with like minded living things, which will be definitely a loveable experience.

They can actively participate in social and religious reform activities, publish books against superstitions, take class against blind belief, organize awareness campaign and motivate anti-religious activities and promote self-respect movements, etc etc . Also preach rationalism from dawn to dusk and ultimately attain disenchantment.

Unfortunately, it does not occur to him that why not rationalists live along with traditionalists friendly/harmoniously.

Is it not possible?

It all requires a minimum amount of maturity, which few lack I believe.
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there can be a separate island in the indian ocean for those who want only tradition and practices.

they can practice all their rituals and perform tribal dances besides doing penance to win favours from their special Gods.

their souls will go to a special place in heavan and join the absolute soul

there will be no rebirth for them

normal mortal like us will enjoy what life has to offer in this material world and probably have a number of rebirths to continue our merry lives.lol

just an idle thought not to be taken seriously by anyone.

As an idle thought,
Who all want to come to my private island to be subservient to my rule. My whims will be the rule in my island-country. I will live for ever in this island.
Dear Balu Sir,

When tradition becomes a mockery, there is NO right or wrong!

RR Ji,

We live in a society consisting all sorts, viz. there are good hearts, warriors, pious, virtual, offenders, traitors, cowards, liars etc We meet such people every day in our life.

I simply ignore the utterances of those who mock at our traditions and practices and try to love them and continue my journey.

போற்றுவோர் போற்றட்டும்.
தூற்றுவோர் தூற்றட்டும்.

"என் கடன் பணிசெய்து கிடப்பதே” - அப்பர் அடிகளார்.
.......... I simply ignore the utterances of those who mock at our traditions and practices and try to love them and continue my journey..........
When there are many against our traditions, it is strange that you attack only ONE person all the time! :boink:

When there are many against our traditions, it is strange that you attack only ONE person all the time! :boink:

There may be few reasons:

1) IMO he richly deserves. Few, if allowed to go free hand, will behave like uncrowned monarchs with an attitude of ‘my way or high way’ and start mock at everything others write. It is happening. There should be some check , but strictly within the laxman rekha.

2) I am just learning to attack one Member now and may be likely to attack others too, if they don't mend their way and if I am allowed to continue in the Forum.lol

3) We are all guests in the Forum. Everybody is free to express their opinion but without offending others.

4) I just try to learn from others but won't compromise definitely on belittling/demeaning, etc

I know my limits and I know the difference.
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<removed. IF you cannot post in a constructive manner, then please refrain from posting. Sarcastic comments and personal comments are best avoided or discussed via private messages. Otherwise it just potrays you in a negative way. - Praveen>
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