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Mangala chandi moola mantram

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This is simply chandika manthra.

If you want the moola mantra, it will be in the starting of Devi saptha sathi.

Before parayana, you have to chapotharana manthra, utkeelana manthra and then there will be moola manthra for chandika devi. Sapthasadhi is available in all book shops.

dears"NAMO NAMAHA."there are seven DHEVI MANTHRAS for japa as in "SRI SWAMI SIVANANDHA" s the dhevi mahathmya ."AUM IM HRIM KLEEM CHAMUNDAAI VICHCHE." is the manthra which is to be recited (within mind)108 before starting the first adhyayam according to my guru.with namaskars.v.lalithakumar"SHIVO YO NAMA ROOPAPYAM DHEVI YAA SARVAMANGALA NAMA SAMASTHA PUMSA SARVA DHICK JAYA MANGALAM."
Respected lalithakumar,

This is actually new Iam hearing. Anyhow, the mantra you posted is absolutely correct. I just doesn't wanted to do post that so only directed to the book. Anyhow, there are 13 adhyayas, how you share 7 mantras to 13 chapters sir... I usually recite only that mantra you said above. Can you please mail me the other mantras too...

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