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Manasa Pooja - How to bring down problems in one's life WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE PENNY/PAISE?


Active member
On this wonderful day of Suryagrahanam, I thought I will share the group the ways to reduce once problems.

To introduce myself, I am Vaishnavite by birth. I come from Madurai & got settled in Chennai. My guruji has initiated me into meditation in June 1995 and I am meditating for more than 25 years now. As far my education, I am Cost Accountant and a Bcom graduate. I am working as Vice President - Strategy and Operations. By guru/god's grace, I am good.

All the problems are due to the Karma. Karma manifests in 3 ways i.e In the Wealth, Health & Mind. We call them the problems.In Astrology, 5th bhava from Lagna is Poorva Punya Sthanam which can tell this (Though there are lots of combinations and variants to it)

I am writing this as it is my experience in meditation & my family history in Astrology.

a. Chant your Kuladevatha Name 1008 times in the morning, afternoon & in the evening/night
b. Chant your Kula Guru's Name 1008 times in the morning, afternoon & in the evening/night
c.Remember your parents, grand parents, great grand parents of you and your spouse (if you are married) after you get up and before you go to bed
In addition to this, for 48 days in the evening after you light the lamp (this will take 25-30 min) - All in the mind/heart

Whatever we do in our mind/heart, god accepts it. This is proven by Poosalar Nayanar who constructed a temple in his heart/mind and God accepted it.
a. Do Abhisekham & Aradhana to your Kuladevatha in your mind (heart)
b. Do Annadhanam toTrinity & their family & 33 crore devathas in your mind/heart
c. Do Marriage Ceremony to the Kuladevatha in your mind/heart
d. Do the Kumbabishekam to the the Kuladevatha in your mind/heart

Reach me in my mobile/whatsapp no.+98402 17417 if you have any queries.

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