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Man and Machine

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Machines use logic to arrive at a conclusion. They can never do the reverse i.e., grasp something and figure out the logic. This ability being unique to humans also clearly draws the line between the natural and artificial intelligence. But I am not ruling out programmed intelligence. That way a machine can be made to appear more intelligent than most of the humans one day. Besides there are unique advantages that are there to a machine such as duplication, consistency, tirelessness , speed, networking etc that can make their intelligence look formidable a la endhiran.

Artificial intelligence definitely has its use and in my opinion would be the mother of all inventions and even if realized in the above way still the crowning achievement of Science. But I think the goal is still a far way off. Whichever country makes headway in this is going to be the real superpower of the future.
dear Mr. sravna,

Logical thinking is a gift endowed up on mankind and highly evolved primates.

The machine simply follows the programmed rules and it can't think either way-from the problem to the result or the result to the problem.

If machines can think for themselves they will surely take over the world as shown in many science fictions.

Man will be completely helpless against a self willed, untiring and intelligent thinking machine.

God forbid!

with best wishes,
Dear Smt. VR,

Logic driven intelligence cannot be ruled out in principle though still very hard to accomplish. But trying to realize knowledge without logic is something that is the hallmark of natural intelligence. That is what machines cannot do even in principle. Even humans vary in their ability to do that.
Dear sravna,

We may not realist it! We may not even be aware of it, since it happens so fast.
I am sure natural intelligence follows logical steps to arrive at the solution.

Logic governs everything. Human beings endowed with a brilliant mind go through these steps in lightening speed while those with less mental abilities take longer!

The mental ability/agility tests being conducted can be cleared by everyone IF no time limit is set. The time limit is so set that only the really brilliant can complete it in the given amount of time.

with best wishes,
Dear Smt. VR,

The step by step nature of logic is a feature of the physical world. In the spiritual world there are no steps. Everything is a holistic experience and hence instantaneous
Point is spiritual expereince is not something machines can have. Direct intuitive perceptions are more the feature of a spiritually developed mind which definitely a purely physical entity such as a robot cannot have.
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