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Malerkotla - a unique city of peace.

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Malerkotla - a unique city of peace.


Take you to 1947. Sikhs in Punjab retaliated in kind about the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Pakistan. Get to the outskirts of Malerkotla. Sikhs chasing muslims who are fleeing to the town. But the Sikhs stop at a boundary line and do not cross it. Beyond the line lies a city which enjoys perpetual protection.


Tenth Guru of Sikhs was hounded out of his fortress in Anandpur Sahib, Dist Ropar, Punjab, by the mughals. With a small band of followers, he broke out towards Rajputana for shelter. Rajputana by that time was again a strong hold of Rajputs.But he was ambushed by the mughals. While he escaped, two of his minor sons, Joravar Singh and Fateh Singh were captured by the mughal governor of Sirhind, Wazir Khan. Wazir Khan held a court and asked the boys to accept islam, which they refused. Wazir sentenced them to be bricked up alive standing, of course a slow seath by suffocation. They were too.

The nawab of Malerkotla, Sher Mohammed Khan, opposed it very, very vehementally saying it was against the tenets of islam. But Wazir Khan insulted and ejected him from the council. Later, the nawab sent a petition to Aurangzeb which was ignored. They boys were bricked up.

One of the wives of the Guru too was captured by the Wazir Khan. But she was held in all honour. That perhaps saved the muslims later on.

Later, when the Guru came to know about it he granted perpetual immunity to the city of Malerkotla, its residents and nawabs. This immunity is considered to be inviolate.


The Guru was assasinated in 1708 by a vengeful Pathan, who was allowed to leave. He had already appointed Lakshman Das, a retired Rajput warrior, renamed as Banda Bahadur, as his commander sent him to Punjab. Banda organised an army and went on the rampage against mughals. He captured Sirhind and governor Wazir Khan. Wazir was ordered to personally open up the walls where the boys were bricked up. Banda took their remains and cremated them. He also SACKED Sirhind, BRICK BY BRICK. The Sirhand bricks ARE strong, they were plundered and for 30 km radius you can see houses made of these bricks.
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