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makara jyoti at Sabarimala is man-made!

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It hs been known for quite some years that the makara-jyoti seen at Sabarimala on the first of the Malayalam month "makaram" is a man-made item. This religious hoax is being believed as esoteric - devas doing karpoora aarati to ayyappan on the top of Kantamala - for many, many years. This year this spectacle (?) took more than 100 human lives also.

In earlier years the "jyoti" appeared as a sort of static or coming from one spot. However, this year what I saw in TV channels was resembling something like a weather balloon and moving slightly. Is it that the "jyotiwallas" have adopted some new technique?

Pl. read this.
I have been to Kantha malai where the Makaravilaku is lit by burning camphor.. It is only done to resemble Makarajyothi.
It is man made.
I went to Sabarimala for the first time in Jan.1983. At that time, when I asked my Guru about Makara Joythi, I was told, " Don't care much about it. We have come here to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa; that's all".

Later, I understood it was fake.
Dear Mr.Pannavalan,
Kindly do not say fake.Pl. understand that Makara JYOTHI is the celestial star and Makaravilaku a symbolic Deeparadhana (aarthi)
lit with camphor at Ponnambalamedu.
Shabarimalai jothi is Fake of Foolish belive

Sorry to say this. if you belive that celestial star is the accurate dharshan of the your Ayyappan. then you can see this star anywhere from south india there is no need to come ecspecally to this Shabarimala on that particular magara shankranthi day and also this Star is not amazing or celestial , but this is generally like other stars, this already known by the kerala people so there were not died in this latest 102 people Accident held there.
So we should not encourage like this Superstitious of Foolish belive to lose the human soul.
This truth has been Extracted in our whole tamil nadu by VIJAY TV's "Nadandhadhu Enna" show as on 26 of janurary 2011.you can see this VIJAY TV's video at following link

Kerala High Court wants 'truth' behind Makara Jyothi light (Lead) ~ IND-EverGreen Entertainment

Whatever the people belive is not history or truth.
So we should come to the light of knowledge to save the human soul.
It is not "Makara Jyoti" as such, is a divine manifestation. It is the sheer assembly of millions of faithfuls who invoke the Supreme Power, sanctify the sanctity. It should be propagated by all religious heads and groups that the Supreme Power does not and need not manifest in any form or avatar even on the request of the entire universe; one has to realize that power after discarding the self.
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