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Major social media disaster for Govt and Media !!


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Mig 21 as per our armed forces are named as "flying coffin" and no way in hell can a 50 yr old Cold War era technology can beat a modern f16.

Astonishing to see how suddenly the mig 21s and sukois are so capable after having derided the congress for not modernising the Air Force.

Even in joint military exercise with US, MIG 21 hit rate against F 16 was 9:1. US experts reasoned it to be superior training and motivation of Indian pilots. (This is available in public domain). In a war superior equipment plays only limited role, the rest is on strategy, mind game and pilot training and motivation.


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Not sure, if anyone can ever convince !!

Hard work can never ever, never ever, never ever beat Intelliegnce / Brilliance !! All advances in our history of science is only due to absolute genius work !!

Unless there is a official study and report by the US Air Force acknowledging the superiority of a 50 yr old Cold War era technology with some upgrades against f16s, no way we will believe in stories of articles published.

Guys, whom are you kidding ?? Do you think the US airforce will induct a modern state of the art technology of f16s that will lose against a mig 21, 9 out of 10 times ?? Do you think, the rest of the world will buy f16s if this is the result of the field trials. ??

Why do you think USA dominates the world today ? Because of the vast migration of absolute top talent from the rest of the countries !!

Top talent always always wins !! I mean we can al have emotions, I wish, it were different, I wish the racist USA did not have such technology etc.. But these are all wishes.


Well-known member
Most importantly the modern advances in technology vis supersonic avionics, are specially designed to remove the advantages of the human element of a top pilot !

This is the same as in other areas of technology, the human smartness and brilliance will recede into the background over time! Even in science, the artificial intelligence will in time take over the human element.
Please refer to: https://idrw.org/fishbed-vs-falcon-why-the-ancient-mig-21s-f-16-kill-is-no-fluke/
Fishbed vs Falcon: Why the ancient MiG-21’s F-16 kill is no fluke

Americans call MIG 21 Bison as fishbed. An extract from the same is as:
Coincidentally, 15 years ago to the date, the MiG-21 (NATO reporting name: Fishbed) had defeated modern American F-series aircraft in a mock combat exercise, sending shock waves through the American defence establishment. In the space of just 13 days, at the Cope India exercise held at the Gwalior air force range from February 15-27, 2004, Indian pilots notched up an astounding 9:1 kill ratio against the all-powerful US Air Force, dealing a massive blow to the myth of invincibility of American air power. What happened at Gwalior will better explain how a six-decade-old jet that has been consigned to the boneyard by the Russians could defeat a modern F-16. Held from February 15-27, Cope India 2004 highlighted three major issues: The innovativeness of Indian fighter pilots. The impact of Russian jets when flown by a highly trained and motivated crew. The limitations in USAF pilot training

Hence blindly thinking US has superior tech and they are leaders in tech due to their hype is defective logic. As far as close combat is considered its pilots skills (for which they do rigorous training every day) rathar than Aircraft computers that matters most.
I think its time we have self confidence in ourselves and discover our strengths,


Well-known member

Frequent Crashes, Obsolete Technology: Downhill Road For MiG-21, India's 'Flying Coffin'

A MIG-21 jet of the Indian Air Force crashed in Shoba Sar Ki Dhani area in Rajasthan's Bikaner district on Friday afternoon. Although the pilot managed to eject safely, the crash has once again led to concerns over the condition of the fighter jets that are well past their expiry date.

The incident comes just a few days after a MiG-21 Bison jet flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was shot down by a Pakistani Air Force F-16 in an aerial dogfight that ensued after they intruded into Indian territory in J&K.
The jet flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan was part of the fleet that is past its retirement age and has been kept operational with repeated upgrades and service life extensions.

Failures due to old system components increase with ageing of aircrafts. However, as system components have a longer life potential than the life of a certified aircraft, service life extension programmes are carried out to maximise the use of the equipment.
Every components in the Aircraft are lifed. And after their useful life they are either condemned or put to furthur tests to fix their extended life. Before take-off there are many ground level tests and testing time is more than flying time. Even the spare parts are regularly exercised to keep it functional ready. The point is - we need MIG 21 like Aircraft without failures/crashes. For this we need to improve the design for which competence we are lacking. Howewer we are good in jugad tech, ie improvising on existing Aircraft to suit our needs and of course extract maximum benefit from our assets.

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