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Maharashtra Govt. taking over only temples

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The maharashtra government is doing it because they have to solve the terror problems like in J&K, Afghanistan, Pakistan( How is it).
The VHP should agitate over this. It is a sad thing that they are not expending their energy over this.

When they can bring the country to a standstill for trifle matters like not singing Vandemataram or removing plaques on Sarvarkar in A&N prision i wonder why they are not making it a national issue. Are they thinking that when BJP comes to power in Maharashtra they can also swindle money from these Govt. run temples?
VHP agitates against Bill

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taking over of Hindu temples trusts.

Why blame Maharashtra Government alone,taking over the hindu temples trusts is the universal phenomenon of al the Ste Governments. The only rason is tht we are not united.

But we are also to be blamed for all these maladys. It is the Hindu temple trust o nly which charges money for entrance, and for abhishekamaand archanai., and for all sorts of darshanam.

I am yet to hear charging of entrance fees for chrches or mosques.
Where money is involved corruption automaticaly peeops in. It is theGovernments duty to monitor it. We cannot blame Government.

Have we ever herd of VIP treatment given in mosque or churches as we have given to Amithab bachan in Tirupathi. All just because he was wealthy enought to donate money to the temple.

Our temples have become accessible only to rich. So long the situation is changed we are to be blamed for all the maladies.

First let us unite under the umbrella of Hindus., and let us rethink our attitude to so many aspects of rituals and exploitation of poor undet tghe garb of rituals.nce we unite many attrocities will automaticaly disappear as snow in front of sun.

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