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Maha Mrithyunjaya Kavacham (The great armour of one who has won over death)

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Maha Mrithyunjaya Kavacham
(The great armour of one who has won over death)

Bhairva Uvacha:-
Bhairava said:-

1.Srunushwa Paramesani kavacham Manmukhodhitham,
Maha Mrityunjayasyasya na dheyam Paramadhbutham

Please hear the armour of Lord Paramesawara from my mouth,
Which is the desirable one dedicated to ,
The great lord Mrithyunjaya* and is greatly wonderful.
*He has won over death

2.Yam druthwa, yam padithwa cha yam sruthwa kavachothamam,
Trilokyadhipathir bhoothwa sukhithosmi Maheswari.

Wearing or reading or hearing that great armour,
Would make you own all the three worlds and ,
Would lead a very happy life , Oh Maheswari.

3.Thadeva varnayishyami thava preethyaa varanane ,
Thadapi paramam thathwam na dathawya durathmane.

Oh blessed one I am describing it due to my love towards you,
And till now such a great principle has not been given to bad souls.

4.Om Asya Sri Maha Mrithyunjaya Kavachasya ,
Sri Bhairava Rishi, Gayathri Chanda,
Sri Mrityunjaya rudro devathaa , Om bheejam,
Jram Shakthi , Sa keelakam Houm ithi thathwam,
Chaturvarga phala sadhane pate viniyoga.

Om, for the armour of the great Mrithyunjaya , the sage is Bhairava , The meter is Gayathri ,
The God addressed is Mrityunjaya Rudra , the root is “Om”, the power is “jram”,
The nail is Sa” and the principle is “Houm” and offering four types of fruits this is being chanted.

5.Om Chandra mandala madhyasthe Rudramale vichithrathe,
Thathrasthwam chinthayeth sadhyam mrithyum prapnothi jeevathi.

Om , Oh Goddess who is in the middle of the moon , who is garland of Rudra ,
Who is greatly different , If anyone thinks about you , immediately even the dead one become alive.

6.OM jram sa houm sira pathu , devo mrityunjayo mama,
Sri shivo vai lalatam cha Om Houm brovow Sada shiva.

“Om, Jram, Sa, hroum”, let the God Mrityunjaya protect my head,
Let Lord Shiva protect my forehead, “Om Houm”, let my eye brows be protected by Sada Shiva.

7.Neelakanto aavathaan nethre , Kapardhee may avatha cchruthee,
Trilochano avathaadh Gandow , naasam may Tripuranthaka.

Let the blue necked one protect my eyes , Let the one who holds the skull protect my ears,
Let the three eyed one protect my neck and let the destroyer of three cities protect my nose.

8.Mukham peeyusha ghata brudh , Oshtou may Kruthikambara,
Hanum may Hata kesano , mukham batuka Bhairava.

Let my mouth be protected by him who filled up the pot of nectar .
Let my lips be protected by him who wears the enchanted cloth.
Let my jaw be protected by the one with unkempt hair,
And let my mouth be protected by the youthful Bhairava.

9.Kandharaam Kalamadhano , galam ganapriyo avathu,
Skandhou Skanda pitha pathu , hasthou may giressovathu.

Let my neck be protected by the killer of God of love,
Let my throat be protected by the one who is liked by Ganas,
Let my shoulder be protected by the father of Subrahmanya,
Let my hands be protected by the Lord of the mountain.

10.Naasaan may Girijanadhaa, Payaad anguli samyudhaan,
Sthanou tharapathi pathu vaksha pasuparthir mama.

Let my nose be protected by Lord of Girija,
Let the lord of all the stars protect my fingers, breast and the vital spirit,
And let my chest be protected by the lord of all beings.

11.Kukshim Kubheravadana, parsou may Mara sasana,
Sarva pathu thayaa nabhim Sooli Prushtam mamavthu.

Let the friend of Kubhera protect my belly ,
Let my sides be protected by the one who chided the God of love,
Let him protect everything including my stomach and back side
Be protected by one who holds the trident.

12.Sisnam may Sankara pathu , guhyam Guhyakavallabha,
Katim Kalanthaka paayadh ooru may andhaka gathaka.

Let Lord Sankara protect my penis,
Let the Lord of Kali protect my private parts,
Let my waist be protected by killer of God of death,
And let my thigh be protected by the killer of Andhaka.

13.Jagarooko avathaa janu, Jange may Kala Bhairava,
Gulfo Payad Jatadhari ,Padho mrithyunjayo aavathu.
Let the ever ready one protect my thigh ,
Let Kala Bhairava protect my shanks,
Let my ankle be protected by one with matted hair,
And let Mrithyunjaya (the victor over death) protect my feet.

14.Padhadhi moordha paryantham SAdhyojatha mamavathu,
Raksha heenam Nama heenam Vapu pathwa mritheswara.

Let te one who was born by himself protect from feet to head,
And let the God of death protect those areas which have not been protected,
And those places of the body whose names have not been mentioned.

15.Isanyameeswara payad Agneya am agni lochana,
Nairyathyam SAmbhu ravyath , maam vayavyam Vayuvahana.

Let North east be protected by Easwara,
Let South east be protected by the one who has fire as an eye,
Let South west be protected by Lord Shambhu ,
And let North west be protected by he who rides on wind.

16.Oordhwam balapramadhana pathale Parameshwara,
Dasa dikshu sadaa pathu Maha mrithyunjayascha maam.

Let the strong Pramadha protect the top side ,
Let Parameshwara protect the Patala,
Let the ten directions be protected by the great winner over death.

17.Rane Rajakule dhyoothe vishame , prana samsaye,
Paayad OM Jram Maha rudro , deva devo dasakshara.

In war , amidst royal family , during gambling , during troubles ,
And in times when life is in danger let Om Jram Maha Rudra ,
Is the god of gods and the one with ten letters.

18.Prabhathe pathu maam Brahma , Madyahne Bairavo aavathu,
Sayam sarveswara pathu, nisayaam nithya chethana,

Let Brahma protect me in the morning,
Let Bhairava protect me in the afternoon ,
Let the God of all protect me in the evening,
And let the ever alive one protect me at night.

19.Ardha rather Maha devo, nisanthe maam mahodhaya ,
SArvadaa sarvathu pathu , Om Jram sa houm Mrityunjaya.

Let the great god protect me at midnight,
Let the gentleman God protect me at the end of night ,
Let Om Jram SA Houm Mrityunjaya protect me always and everywhere.

20.Itheedham kavacham poornam , trishu lokeshu durlabham,
Sarva manthra mayam guhyam sarva thanthreshu gopitham.

This armour which thus is complete , is rare in all the three worlds,
And is secret from all manthras as well as all thanthras.

21.Punyam punyapradham divyam deva devadhi daivatham,
Ya idham paden manthram kavacham vachayetha Thatha.

Blessed, leading to blessing, holy , godly even to the Gods of devas ,
Is this chant and if this armour is read, then all desires would be fulfilled.

22.Thasya hasthe Mahadevi thryambakasya ashta sidhaya,
Rane druthwa charedh yudham , hathwa sathroon jayam labheth.

In his hands would be the great goddess and the eight great occult powers,
And if he fights in war he would kill all enemies and get victory.

23.Japam kruthwa gruhe Devi samprapsyathi sukham puna,
Maha bhaye, Maha Roge, Maha maari Bhaye thadhaa,
Durbikshe, sathru samhare padeth kavachamadarath.

In the house where it is chanted the Goddess would foresee and establish,
Pleasure again in case of great fear , great diseases , fear of great epidemics ,
In case of famine and help in case of killing of enemies.

Ithi Rudra Yamale , devi rahasye, Sri Maha Mrityunjaya kavacham samaotham.

Thus ends the armour of the great victor against death occurring in Devi Rahasya
Occurring in Rudra Yamala.

Courtesy : Sri.P.R.Ramachander Mahodhaya.
Maha Mrithyunjaya Kavacham
(The great armour of one who has won over death)/QUOTE]

Dear Chandrasekaran

'kavacam' in the context of religious texts, means a kavaca stotram.This stotram protects
the person who recites it, like an armour.So it is the kavacam (armour) of the devotee and not of the God.Hence it would be better to translate 'mṛtyuñjaya kavacam ' as kavaca stotram in praise of mṛtyuñjaya'.Very often literal translations convey a negative meaning.
After all mṛtyuñjaya who has won over mṛtyu does not need any kavacam.
Slogam and Explanation is very smart and beautiful.

Rajagopal K
Sri Chandrasekaran, Thank you for that!

Sri Saarangam, very good point as well! Thanks you too!
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