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Dear Ozone Sir,

I knew that it might not be available in KarnAtic site!!

Could you not write the lyrics while M S AmmA sings? :thumb:

RR :)

Here is an answer to your question on lyrics:


Please take a look at

for most of his compositions

The composer's name looks like Yoga H. Narasimham (1897-1971) From the book A Garland: A Biographical Dictionary of Carnatic Composers and Musicians) by N. Rajagopalan IAS (Retired) Vol. 1 published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1990 Bombay 400 007 Page 180:

From that book:
A scholar in Sanskrit who was quite at home in English, Telugu and Kannada. Narasimham was a musician, musicologist, writer and composer. He studied music under Mysore Vasudevachar and was a vocalist of much charm. Thirty six of his compositions have been published - a swarajati, 5 tana varnas, 17 kritis, 2 ragamalikas, 5 tillanas etc.

Royal Carpet Carnatic Composers: H. YOganarasimham gives a description of Sri Yoga Narasimham.

From Sruti (Music and Dance Organization in Greater Philadelphia area in PA, United States ) in 2004

SRUTI The India Music and Dance Society Philadelphia
http://www.sruti.org/library/Sruti Ranjani/2004/Sruti_Ranjani_2004.pdf

In case you do not know this already (I am answering a different question here)
Lyrics for a different song sadaa saaranga nayanE (in Ranjani) can be found here

Carnatic Songs - sadA sAranga nayanE

Here is MS rendering of that song

M S Subbulakshmi - Sada Saranga Nayane - Ranjani - Karnataka H.Yoganarasimham - YouTube

A pedantic
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