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lq virkku tamizh aarvam

  • Thread starter Thread starter s007bala
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Dear lq,

lq virkku tamizh aarvam:lie:

>>You really have taken one hell of trouble to walk me through the first chapter of tamil primer ! I am sure your enthusiasm and my perseverance will not peter out midway through. <<

Actually one heaven of trouble to walk you thru..i hope we both have mutual enthusiasm & perseverance with the grace of the lord...

>>I have always wondered about the prime ingredient of tambram diet which makes them excel in studies and in grabbing opportunities (non-athletic ones) especially for taking the first flight to the States.<<

The population of Hindi speaking from India is much larger than South Indian origin people in USA.kya samjay?

>>Let me pose a tough one:

Which among the following is the most powerful ingredient causing razor sharp brain in tambrams ?

1. Tamarind
2. Filter Coffee (aka filter kaapi)
3. Thair Saatham
4. None of the above<<

Number 4.

>>Waise aapne jo offer kiya hai .. 'tamizh gaaliyaan sikanaa padega' ... kaafi interesting hai. <<

Aaakir gaaliyan 'ek interesting cheez hai", hai na?

>>Hamare neechey kaam karne waalon mein kuch kaamchor nikamme log bhi hain jinhe hum kaafi ghaliyaate hain...angrezi aur hindi mein...afsos sirf itna hai ki woh log hamari ghaliyon ka swaagat karte hain mundi hilakar.. in typical southie style, nodding head for both yes as well as for no !<<

Yaheen pay aap ki galathi deekavat may agayi hai;yeh tho apnay desiyaonka kudh swadharma hai;apnay videshi (angrazi log) logon say aap baath karnay say samaj may aajayega ki muqsad kya hai,iss mamlay may.

>> Ab problem yeh hai ki agar hum unhen madraasi mein dose dena chalu karen to kahin IR problem na khadi ho jaaye...<<

Ab aap ko ek chota sah shiksha dena mun chahtha hai;jab angrazi log apna bharath may apana adikar dikakar baitay huatay,thub D H A R M A S ko M A D H R A S kar kay apna Chennapatnam ko badal diyae thay;philal ab Tamizh log mil jhulkar,madras ko huttakar chennai ban wadiyae hain.Kyon ki uttar log ki aadath hai,madrasi log pukar nay matlab=chennai=kerala=andhra=karnataka;paranthu ab yeah sub badal chuka hai meray hissab say;shayad aap un logosay may hain,poorana angrazi log ki basha may abhi tapat kar baitay hua hain;shaid aapka waqt aachukha hai aur badal aap kay liya accha hogah;yeah mera aadesh hai ..khe khe :)

IR problem ki baath chodiyae kyonki,joe kada hona hai woh kadakkar rahega..:) jaisa jhanda ooncha rahay humara.......

I am Indian.

Naan bharathathin kudi magan/magal or naan indian or numbho indian ba :).The second tamizh understanding for you!


Sri S007ji, very good Tamhindi, real feeling. Keep it up. s.r.k.


Main Hoon Na!(I am there,isn't it!)Aakir Paan Benarasewallah Shayad Kumbakonam Pannwallah,Khoolujaye Bandh Akal Ka Tala khe khe :) (after all i chew betel leaf from benares & kumbakonam,which opens my locked brains :) )

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