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Love Masala Chai? Give It An Aromatic Makeover With This Special Ingredient


Active member
Indians love their chai and there's no two ways about it. Be it to kick-start the mornings or to stay active throughout the day, a cup of chai can instantly set everything right. So much so that you will find a dedicated dabba for chai patti in every kitchen pantry across India. That's not all. There are cafes and tapri at every nook and corner satiating your chai cravings any time of the day. Now, if you explore, you would find different people have their unique tea preferences - while some like it black, without sugar, sugar enjoy their tea brewed well with milk and sugar. But what reigns supreme is our love for masala chai (or Indian spiced tea). Tea leaves, brewed well with various types of spices, with or without milk (and sugar), masala chai is soul soothing. But what we enjoy the most is the customization of spices used in the masala for the tea. Here we got you one such unique masala chai recipe that gets better with the inclusion of one extra element - it is the rich and aromatic rose petals.

As mentioned, masala chai is made with a concoction of various types of spices, which are easily available in our everyday kitchen pantry. From ginger to cloves and cinnamon - various such common spices are used, making the taste and aroma of the tea very relatable. Alongside it is super healthy too.
1. The masalas used in masala chai are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help you detox and prevent various health hazards.
2. The spices boast of anti-viral properties, making the beverage a perfect option to nourish yourself and boost immunity against seasonal diseases.
3. The essential oils in each of the spices have digestive properties that help boost metabolism and further promote weight loss.
4. Masala tea provides warmth from within, comforting you during the nippy weather outside.
5. Tea contains caffeine and the masalas are loaded with antioxidants - both of which come together to boost energy from within.

Unique Masala Tea Recipe: How To Make Rose Masala Tea:​

This special recipe has been shared by Chef Ajay Chopra on his Instagram handle. Chef Ajay demonstrated the complete process of making this special rose masala tea and also shared some tips to make it perfectly. Let's take you through.
1. Take cinnamon, black cardamom, black pepper, fennel seeds, green cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg in a mortar-pestle and grind into fine powder.
2. Boil water, add tea leaves, and sugar, and let it boil again.
3. At this point, add the masala and milk and brew well.
4. Add dried rose petals, let it simmer and strain.
You have a comforting cup of rose masala tea ready to be relished. Take a sip!

In our travels around the globe, my wife carries masala chai everywhere. Sometimes we have to compromise and make it in a coffee pot, and not the authentic "boiled" way.🥹

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