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Lotus ==god's favourite flower

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Dear Signeswarie

I sincerely thank you for providing a valuable elucidation on the history and significance behind Lord Anjaneya, Lord Nrisimha
and Lord Lakshminarayana at Namakkal.

You have not answered my query regarding erukka ilai malai being placed on Lord Anjaneya in north Indian temples.
I have heard that erukka ilai is medicinal and is invariably used in research laboratories. How does erukka
ilai become a divine product I do not know? If you have any info please share it with all.

Dear Shri.Ramabhadran,
I remember I used to go and search for 'Erukka Ilai'where ever I was working in North India including NewDelhi,Calcutta on Ratha Sapthmi day
as we used to keep some leaves in our head with Arukambil and Achathai and take bath.Ladies will keep the leaves,Haldi powder and Aruhambul
on their head while taking bath.This custom we followed so long as my mother was alive and continued the practice for a few more years.
Now I do not follow this custom and my children may not even know about this custom.There is one variety of erukka sedi called white erukka
and is considered Holy.I have seen while entering some temples in South India vendors offer for sale idols of God in small sizes made out of white Erukka sedi trunk.
and many purchase.
In our childhood I have seen people in villages breaking the Erukka flower whenever they pass through Erukka sedi.I have also done in my young age.I do not know the significance of that custom.
In our village town people bitten by scorpian will come to our house even during night and ask my father medicine.Immediately my father used to go to thoppu with hurricane light and bring a small piece of some leaf and place the leaf inside a betel leaf where he used to keep one or two pepper and ask the person to eat it.When I asked my father he used to say that he brought a small piece of erukka ilai as an antidote to poison of Scorpian bite.
I will enquire some knowledgeable persons from north India and clarify your doubt as to why they offer erukkailai malai to Lord Hanumanji.
When my wife was fulfilling her vow of putting a full coconut mala(unbroken one) to LORD GANESHA in my village town,local people were looking at us surprisingly(as they are accustomed to offer only 'vada malas'.I explained to them that in north India people offer full coconut malas.
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Dear Mr Krishnamurthy

Thank you so much for the very lucid elucidation which is heartening to read. In Mumbai Maharashtrians offer erukkailai malai
to Lord Anjaneya. There must be significance behind erukkailai malai offerings. No one has been able to come out with a
valid and authoritative explanation. I know if one offers vetrilai ilai malai it is said that their efforts for marriage of their daughter will fructify; if butter is offered they will be blessed with children, if thulasi malai is offered one's sins knowingly
or unknowingly committed would disappear and if vadai malai is offfered one would come out successful in court cases and
last if one writes sri ramajayem 1008 times in bit papers, plaits into a garland sort and offers it to Lord Anjaneya, they
would get positive results in all matters.

I was going thru your info with interest regarding your friend in USA and the revelations. Whatever he said may be true
if the current trend of the boys is any indication. Although they profess and preach ethics, some unknown force activates
your and my destiny from behind. We are not sentient to be able to guard against untoward happenings. God's ways
are always mysterious.

with best wishes



You have not answered my query regarding erukka ilai malai being placed on Lord Anjaneya in north Indian temples.
I have heard that erukka ilai is medicinal and is invariably used in research laboratories. How does erukka
ilai become a divine product I do not know? If you have any info please share it with all. PC RAMABADRAN
Betel leaves garland is offered to Hanuman for matrimonial purposes, as betel leaf is the main item in marriages and in even in any auspicious function.

Garlands for worshiping Hanuman:

1) Garland Made of Betel Leaves:

The story goes that when Sri Hanuman conveyed the message from Sri Rama, Sita Devi garlanded Sri Hanuman with a betel vine as a token of Her joy and appreciation, as she could not find any flowers nearby. Betel leaves should be made into a garland with a piece of arecanut in each leaf.

2) Vada Maala:

This is a delicacy made of urud dal (black gram dal-Vigna Mungo) made into a garland. The story goes that Sri Hanuman who is always in meditation on Sri Rama gets disturbed by the Vada Maala and bestows any boon asked by the devotee so that He would not be disturbed again by the devotee. According to another legend, Anjaneya was given a very big vada by His mother on the eve of His departure to Lanka for the war so that He could eat out of it little by little whenever He felt hungry.

3) Sriramajayam Garland:

A garland made wth small strips of paper with each strip contains inscription 'Sriramajayam' (Nama of Lord Srirama for victory).

4) Tulsi Garland:

Tulsi, ocimum sanctum, is a herb extensively used for worship in temples and homes. Also called Holy Basil and Hoary Basil it has several medicinal properties. Tulsi is used in temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, Sri Rama, and Sri Hanuman.


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