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Lord Maha Vishnu and Chennai Auto Driver

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Lord Mahavishnu has gone for a long sleep. So many Rishis, Devas & an auto rikshaw driver from Chennai were waiting to see Him. Finally He wakes up. He enquires who are all have come. A long list was conveyed to Him. He called the Auto Rikshaw Driver first. All others got offended and told Him plainly that they always think about Him only, whereas the Auto Rikshaw Driver never utter a word about His nama at all.

Lord told all these people `You people recite my nama - no doubt. But this Auto Rikshaw Driver makes several trips from Chennai Central Station to various places daily. He always indulges in rash driving. All the people travelling in his vehicle are afraid of their lives and call Me as `Rama', `Krishna' and `Govinda' several times. I have to prefer him ahead of you because he makes every body recite my name.'
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Rightly said venkatramani sir,please add this also, the auto driver makes the passenger to aware about the death and necessity of namasmaranai!

It is really very humorous.
in allahabad We used to hear this conversation. triveni saapadrela Illai gangaiye porum.
triveni means coffee and ganges means milk.
ganges white colour milk
yamunai black dikakshan sugar is saraswathi because it is not visible and is dissolved.
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