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looking for music of Needamangalam Krishnamurthi Bhagavathar

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Can anyone tell me where to find music of this great singer? When i was growing up i used to listen to his music in LP records and i can't recover it... especially his songs of Oothukadu Venkata Kavi's songs on Krishna and his Kalinga Nardhanam.


I am not able to locate Needamangalam songs...But here are few songs from Oothukaadu....

The Jewels Of Oothukkadu Songs - The Jewels Of Oothukkadu Carnatic Songs - Carnatic Songs Lyrics Trailer Videos, Preview Stills Reviews

My favourite Oothukaadu is...

YouTube - alaipayuthee yesudas and Oothukkadu Venkatasubbiyer

Needamangalam Krishnamurthi Bhagavathar songs

Thanks a lot. i was specifically looking for songs sung by himself. i have songs by other singers.
You may perhaps find a lead for Needamangalam's performance recorded, in the following link: "harekrishnaaudiovideo.blogspot.com/.../needamangalam-krishnamurthy-bhagavathar.html" i am not sure, but i think it's worth a try. (a great harikatha artiste and a great master of the keyboard in early days, Needamangalam may also be in the archives of "musicindiaonline") regards, rj.
Ram ram,

I am not sure that you get NKB's works, but I have a contact by name Sri. Subbaraman and Selvi. Alamelu (both are more than 50) and brother/sister. They are the decendant of Sri NKB. They perform many sangeetha upanyasams together. So If you want you can contact them regarding any works. 044-24897896.

Thanks a Lot!

I will call them when I am at Madras this August! Finding Shri NKB's songs have been my endeavor for the past year and at last i got a lead! Thanks so very much as it means a lot to find the Guru's songs as i grew up with it and lost touch!
Found the link for NKB' KalingaNardhanam

Thanks to all who have provided the links to trying to get the song of NKB... I have found the song today! Here it is... if you need!!!!

Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

Shri NKB inspires with his tongue twisting singing us all! Try once and see how hard it is... can u do it???? I think it is the inspiration and devotion and delight in singing about Krishna has given the Guru this kind of fluency! AMAZING!

Hi, I am Umashankar and my wife is the grand daughter of the great Needamangalam Krishnamurthy Bhagavathar. Just thaught of giving some info related to this thread. If you require the full and the original versions of NKB, you can contact 044 24897896 where our family still resides (West Mambalam - NKB's Wife, Son-in-law, grand daughters and son). Now his direct desiples (Who are also his son-in law and his sister), Alamelu & Subbaraman have released CDs recently on complete set of krishna ghanam which includes kalinga narthanam. They have been with NKB in all his hari katha during his period and now contuining his services by doing hari katha around the globe. You can contact them if you like to get the CD which claims to be the original
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