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Lockdown Can’t Be Extended: Here Are 10 Things We Must Do By Mid-April


Active member
There are rumours and media reports claiming that the Government will extend the lockdown when it expires.

An official statement has been released by the Centre on Monday stated that the 21-day lockdown will not be extended.

Lockdown Can’t Be Extended: Here Are 10 Things We Must Do By Mid-April

The Cabinet Secretary, Rajiv Gauba, did well to dispel rumours that the 21-day lockdown of the country in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19 infections, will be extended. Assuming the trajectory of new cases starts showing a flattening curve, the costs of extending the lockdown will far exceed the benefits.

Let us be clear about what the primary purpose of the lockdown was: it was to slow down the spread of the disease and give time to governments, both Centre and states, to be better prepared on all fronts to deal with the fallout of rising infections and a drastically slowing economy.

It was not intended to end the pandemic once for all. That won’t happen. With mortality rates of 2 per cent or thereabouts, Covid-19 is not going to be life-threatening, no matter how much it spreads in the community; but extending the lockdown nation-wide will deal a death-blow to the livelihoods of millions of Indians which cannot be met through mere cash transfers, and free food or monetary accommodation to businesses which want to retrench or close down.

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