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living in China

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dear friends

i got married recently and settled in China Huizhou. If any our ur friends or relatives do live closer to my place can you suggest their contacts. Here we are finding very difficult to get our indian kitchen items like thuvaram paruppu, kadalai paruppu, kadugum, vendayam etc etc.. if any body closer to us we can ask them where to get. if anybody comes from chennai or tamilnadu also we can take a help to bring them and we can collect them from here. hope you will understand our positions.

here nobody cannot speak english also. they dont know a simple word like hello, hi, bye bye, thank u...they preper to learn their language and they dont want to learn the standard and common language english. so though the place is very good and climate is nice we cannot survive our daily life. no temples at all here.

dear bhujj,
leaving india you did now u expect even the lords to come there, may be he is there too, in a different name, so do not worry pray and he will be with you, and indian items i can well imagine how tough it is, so try out the name for vendiyam in china go to google and take the picture print and carry along may be u will come across some one who would say where it is available or start making new indian recipe with chinese
herbs and veggies hehe just trying to lighten you here dear...sunkan

some information from google
Go to an indian store called Qiyuan market, its located behind the Yashow clothing market near the sanlitun police station.

Indo-Pak, Bangla & South Asian Supermarkets and Grocery Stores in Shanghai, China
check here too...

having been in china, i can somewhat understand your situation.

while it may very safe to live there, to be a vegetarian is a selective delight. the chinese do not have a word for vegetarianism, i think. they call it the buddha food.

so please look for buddha restaurants.

i have friends living in brazil, and they have the same problems re lentil, vendhayam etc. bhuj,here is an opportunity - why don't you import them in bulk and sell it to indian newcomers? you may be able to arrange for your relatives in india to send them by bulk shipping?

enjoy your stay. it is a great culture and probably the power of the future. :)
Global consulting firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts India will produce more Multi National Companies than China by the year 2024

This is a matter to be viewed with trepidation, not pride and delight. Unless properly controlled and channeled, MNCs can be a bane, not a boon.

I think before relocating to the countries like China,Japan one should be mentally/ physically prepared to sustain there with minimum discomfort at least till such time we become familiar to the local living conditions.
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