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Living Ambal in Shri Kamakshi Dasan

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Respected members,

This is my first post in this forum.

I wanted to introduce you all to a blessed devotee of Kanchi Mahaswamigal, Shri Kamakshi Dasan, about whom Mahaswamigal had said Goddess Kamakshi is within him.

Some introduction about Shri Kamakshi Dasan can be found here:

Shri Kamakshi Dasan -- Part I
Sri Kamakshidasan « Sage of Kanchi

Shri Kamakshi Dasan -- Part II
Search Results kamakshi dasan « Sage of Kanchi

I had read this article about Shri Kamakshi Dasan some 7 months back, and I was fortunate to have his darshan at his rented home in
Perungalathur when I visted India in July this year. I was speechless and awestruck, to say the least, when I heard about his interactions with Him.

They live in a rented house and Shri Kamakshi Dasan, who is 73 years old, wants to hand over the pooja responsibility to his son Shankar from December this year. Shri Shankar called me a month back and mentioned that they have been moving from one rented place to another and said his father wanted a permanent place to do poojas to Ambal. He mentioned that a temple should not be constructed. He requested us to help them in any way we can. He also said his father has obtained the signal from Ambal to reach out to us.

Let me now state the circumstances which led me to the darshan of Shri Kamakshi Dasan. After I read about him in February or so me and my wife desperately wanted to meet him during the summer holidays in India. But for some reason it was not getting materialized and was slowly slipping away and I had lost all hopes.

We were on our third trip to Kanchi Matam. My wife was looking at some things in the make-shift book shop opposite ahaswamigal’s
Adhistanam.One gentleman was also there looking and enquiring about Deivathin Kural books with the person in charge. He said there are 5 volumes, to which my wife replied that there are 7 volumes in total and can be obtained in Giri Traders. Then this gentleman asked my wife where she is from and she said Madras (and not USA). The gentleman told her to bring her family to his house in Madras to see the Devi puja conducted by them.

All along I was else where and when I joined my wife, she introduced me to this gentleman and said they have invited us to his home to see the pujas. Believe it or not, my first statement to this gentleman was‘ Are you Kamakshi Dasan’s son?’, and he said ‘Yes!’.
I was mortified and so grateful for this miracle! Mahaswamigal had sent Shri Kamakshi Dasan’s son Shri Shankar to meet us near the Adhistanam! And on the way back from Chidambaram and Vaitheeswaran Koil, we went to Shri Kamaskhi Dasan’s house and the
rest as they say is history!

Would be grateful if you can you please share this miracle with your acquaintances about Shri Kamakshi Dasan (and the need for donations) so that people are convinced by his divinity and do not hesitate to contribute. The reason I am saying this is because some people are turned off when Shri Kamakshi Dasan asks for donations, which they say is not Mahaswamigal’s way. I was also in the same boat but this miracle convinced me not to judge Shri Kamakshi Dasan and do the best I can to help. Now I think it is the call of Mahaswamigal himself!

I was discussing this with another devotee as to how we can help Shri Kamakshi Dasan when I mentioned to him that if all of us alloted 8 to 10 % of our post tax salary for charity purposes, as ordained in the Vedas, then we will not feel the burden that much when we donate for noble causes. It could be for sustaining the Vedas or for the various activities of Kanchi Matam or for any other noble cause. It is simple in that, that allocated money is not ours and only for such noble purposes.

I have always read with awe as to how Mahaswamigal requested some lucky souls to help out for the good cause and now I am
amazed that He has requested me to do something now.

Shri Kamakshi Dasan (his official name is Shri V. Srinivasan) lives here:

Shri V. Srinivasan (Kamakshi Dasan)
Number 5, Maraimalai Adigal Street,
Srinivasa Nagar,
Chennai 600 063

and I request that if time permits you please go and visit him. His son Shri Shankar runs a saree shop in Krishnagiri and his number in
India is 91- 90472 31263. Shri Kamakshi Dasan's number is 91-9840923963 but he may be busy with his trikala pujai sometimes. If you are interested to send him a check then please address it to Shri V. Srinivasan (official name for Shri Kamakshi Dasan).

Thanks a lot,
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Palghat Mani and his son Palghat Rajamani's interactions with Mahaswamigal

Being the addicts that me and my wife are of Kanchi Mahaswamigal and
our revered Acharyas, I shamelessly interact with
anyone, a celebrity or a common person to know about their divine
experiences with Mahaswamigal.

This is what Palghat Rajamani wrote to me 3 to 4 years back and not
available anywhere else, and hence others will be benefited by reading this.

Thanks a lot,

I have some anecdotes which may be of
interest to you.

There was an occasion when a concert of Sri
Ariyakudi was arranged [in Tanjore] before Paramacharya. His holiness
was not keeping good health and was lying at a corner of the hall,
listening to the concert. After sometime, they wanted the approval of
Sri Paramacharya to close the concert. But he said " Ask Mani ti play
one more Thaniavarthanam". The order was obeyed. he said to my
father " I am able to hear the sounds similar to that which waves make
in an ocean and that which birds make etc." An observation made by him
alone and nobody else.

In early sixties, he once went to have his
Dharsan somewhere in Tanjore District. It was night time. The camp was
being shifted to another place. Sri Paramacharya ordered my father to
accompany a cart carrying materials of the Mutt till it reached its
destination. My father walked the distance along with the cart and
then only took leave.

My father celebrated his Sashtiabdapoorthy
at Tanjore in 1973. Representatives brought special prasadam and a
Ponnadai and the blessing has no equal.

Alathoor Brothers was once asked to come to
his place of Camp [if my memory is right, it was Ilayathangudi] for
Tamil New Years Day. I accompanied them as mridangist. We reached
there on the previous night. You can imagine it was a very small
village where there was absolutely no facilities to stay. all that was
available was a tank and the surrounding area. Paramacharya was
staying in a small house. At 3 am we were asked to perform and we
were blessed by him.

These incidents are green in my memory.
Dr Ganesh Radhakrishnan -- Carnatic Vocalist and disciple of Maharajapuram Santhanam

Dr Ganesh Radhakrishnan -- Carnatic Vocalist and disciple of
Maharajapuram Santhanam -- Experiences with Mahaswamigal

dear shri suresh,

Thanks for the mail. My Guru was a great devotee of Mahaperiyava. He
has composed a thillana and three other songs on His Holiness which he
rendered in almost all concerts as also in cassette recordings.

I had the opportunity of singing with my guru as vocal support since
aug 87 till 23rd june 92 (his last concert in manjakkudi village). I
had the wonderful chance of accompanying my Guru to have darshan of
Mahaswamigal and also sing along with my Guru and get the prasadam
from His Holiness. many times. My Guru had lot of cherishable
experiences with the Saint - out of the many one experience my Guru
narrated very often is given below:

When Shri Maharajapuram Viswaantha Iyer was residing at Nungambakkam
and Mahaperiyaval was camping at a place adjacent to his house and was
in mounavratha. One evening when Shri MVIyer was singing at his house
"vinayakuni" and singing neraval at "anadharakshaki sri kamakshi".
Suddenly Mahaperiyaval got up from his seat walked and reached shri
mviyer's house and entered. An agitated Sri MViyer then performed
namaskaram and periyaval said "your singing made me come out of the
house" - of course out of the mounavratha also. That time Sri mviyer
had a desire in his mind. He wanted mahaperiyaval to gift the
rudraksha combined spatika mala that periyaval used to wear. But he
did not get this in his life time.

Later when my guru visited Sri periyaval at Satara one evening,
periyaval asked him to sing Mohanam in detail. Then when my guru asked
if he could leave the saint asked him to stay that night. Early in the
morning when my guru heard some sound in the adjacent room, and when
he opened the window, he was surprised to see periyaval cleaning his
staying place on his own. periyaval on seeing my guru thro the window
asked him to come and sing mohanam ragam "evaruru ninuvina" again. My
guru sang and periyaval gave prasadam and permitted him to leave. My
guru left with heavy heart as he was expecting that gift that his
father wanted to receive. My guru would have waked some 100 feet.
Suddenly the mutt staff asked him to come back to periyaval as
instructed by HIS HOLINESS. My guru rushed back to the saint. A
smiling saint removed the rudraksha cum spatika mala and presented it
to my Guru. My Guru was in tears. May be this was the beginning of the
honours that my Guru received which even his father did not.



How to pray to Ambal and Shiva

How to pray to Ambal and Shiva

Kanchi Mahaswamigal has said that the 'live' form of Ambal residing in
the moon must be taken in our mind with her feet touching our head. He
has also said, the 'live' form of Shiva, His feet touching touching
our head, should also be taken in simultaneously with Ambal. They
should always be prayed 'together'. And while doing this, we must be
extremely happy and surrender ourselves to them with the knowledge
that they are our loving Mother and Father.

He has said this is the way to pray Ambal and Shiva and this is also
the way to pray to our Gurus.

He has said that if one prays like this Ambal will automatically make
us realize the Self. This final destination is what
is obtained by Ramana Maharshi's method of self enquiry. But self
enquiry may not be possible for anyone with 'limited' intellect
whereas praying to God is as simple as breathing, especially all the
more so when one is suffering. How I wished everyone prayed when they
were happy.

If we cannot identify or relate with a God then pray to the Guru whom
you love unconditionally. But when you look at the enormity of the
universe creation it is very easy to know it would have not been
possible without a Superior power. Pray to that as Ambal and Shiva
with infinite love and surrender to our Mother and Father, Ambal and

This is what He says.

Sincerely hope everyone prays like this for their benefit.

the sheer purity of maha swamigal loving one and all is evergreen in my heart.for me,as a child then as a teenager then as an adult maha swamigal reigned with kama akshi.i have so much of reverence when i read this thread,thank you suresh.
Hello Sir, you seem to be very blessed. I can see His pure love in your post. I have seen Him just once..in 1987 I think...and that time I did not know that He was a living God..but when I saw Him walk through from right side to the left accompanied by 6 or 10 of His Kaingaryams in the then open courtyard in Kanchi Matam I rushed towards Him to do my namaskarams.. and others with him shooed me away afraid that I may touch Him.. after He left I took the mud under His feet and applied it on my forehead.. He did not see me.. atleast that is what I think. Some strange power made me rush towards Him and prostrate.

Have read about Him, about the blessed devotees' experiences with Him and our revered Acharyas, like an addiction, in the last 6 years, we as a family have decided to interact more with our Acharyas to be within Their compassion.

Would love to hear your experiences and interactions with Him Sir. Just to enjoy Him vicariously through you.

Thanks a lot,
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