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little known temples around chenglepet

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i have read:
1) Shiva temple at Edamacheri near Salavakkam:
Around a 24 year old girl, single handedly, is taking up the renovation
of a few centuries old Shiva temple putting all her (small) wealth.
While several people are struggling to bring up Shiva temples, this girl
is bringing up this temple at an amazing pace. She is talking, fighting,
loving, crying with Shiva as her father.
2) Gidankarai Shiva temple:
As if this 24 year old girl is no big surprise, just a few kms away, at
a place called Gidangari, a 12 year old girl is performing the daily
poojas / pradhosha abhisheham to a Shiva lingam peeping through from the bottom of two massive tamarind trees.
3) Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple at Arasar koil:
Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi is the Mother of all wealth and
treasures. This form of the Mother is Aadhi Moola Lakshmi - the root
form of all 64 Lakshmi avatars (each one governing one of the 64 forms
of wealth, well being and prosperity)
This is a Kubera Sampath Sakthi Temple and Mother Sundara
MahaLakshmi brims with billions of Kubera Shaktis, Aishwarya Shaktis,
Sukra shaktis, treasure shaktis and prosperity shaktis.
She controls Shukra's power to bestow prosperity and Shukra
worships at this shrine every Friday without fail. What form He might
assume is beyond human comprehension, but he is one of the visitors to this shrine every Friday.
Sundara Mahalakshmi mesmerizes the devotees with her
'chubby cheeks' like a baby. Especially, sitting in the Padmasana Lotus
posture with both hands in abhaya hastham, the real meaning of
`Sundaram – the beauty' will be understood.
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