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Lisi of Sanscrit books out side India

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The information furnished herein is not about the details that are
available outside India. The details herein give a picture of our Indian treasure.

It can be seen that we have around 18 Puranas and nearly 5 Lakhs Slokas
according to a recent publication. Normally, it is difficult to read and understand
Veda Dharmas unless one knows Sanskrit perfectly. Some have been translated in
the regional languages to enable the common man to understand the concepts and
Niyathis. In other words Purnas are the reflecting mirrors of Vedas. 'Pura' defines
its meaning as to what has had happened in the olden and ancient periods. It is
learnt that Puranas similar to Vedas have emerged with the blessings of Brhama
and to this effect, some references have been cited as Santhokya Upanishad,
Mathsya Purnas, etc. It is believed that a total of 5,09,500 Slokas are available
in the compendium of 18 Puranas. Amongst them, the Skanda Purana is bigger,
which has around 1,81,000 Slokas. The smallest one is Markandeya Purnam,
which has around 9000 Slokas. Normally, we can notice explanations and stories
from the Puranas through the discourses of respected Shri Velukudi Krishnan. Some
of the details available are given below just for information.

Skanda Purnam 1,81,000
Padmapuranam 55,000
Narada Puranam 25,000
Varaha Puranam 24,000
Vayu Puranam 24,000
Matsya Puranam 24,000
Vishnu Puranam 23,000
Garuda Puranam 19,000
Brahma Vaivartha Puranam 18,000
Baagavath Puranam 18,000
Koorma Puranam 17,000
Bavishya Puranam 15,500
Agni Puranam 15,000
Brahmaanda Puranam 12,000
Linga Puranam 10,000
Brahma Puranam 10,000
Vamana Puranam 10,000
Markandeya Puranam 9,000

Collated for information.

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