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Lifetime Brahmacharya Vrata

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Does anyone have any information on the lifetime brahmacharya vrata? The one Bishma took to in the Mahabharata? I have a book that mentions the name of the vrata, but memory fails me. I know brahmacharya also applies in grihastashrama as only having relations with one's spouse, but I am referring to the lifelong celibate version of brahmacharya.

How does one undergo such a vow, without taking to sannyas? Would taking this vow negate the need for a son? I am assuming this last question is obvious, but I just want to double check.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
A man who wish to take a Vow as a Brahamcharya Brahma Acharya meaning the Professor who knows the universe and master in that Astronomy.

A man can generate power the electrons in him by creating heat and sending the waves thro his Mooladhara/ the Spinal cord to the brain and from Brain to his Temple (The Point between the eye brows) here the heat is saved and this will spread in the face, that will make the face red. here the person can see even a atom and Dr.Annie Besant and Jinna Raja and few Europeans who lived in late 19th Century had a chance to meet few of them which made them to write Occult Chemistry., thro which Chemistry of Siddha and Ayur Veda is identified.

If the heat of the body, in the form of semen planted in a womb of a female, who should be a honest wife, the vibrations from the male is fully absorbed with in her and a child is born.

The life long brahmachani is not unmarried but a person who lives with one wife and concentrating on self, will give peace and powerful life.

Here the Vritha is meaning which is peace.

When a person gets power it is natural that he wants to show his power to others and wish to create a scene that he is a godman, a representative sent by god and wish to rule the people in the name of religion.
That should not be there.
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