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Life on earth

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Life is at its own sweet will.
Children know not,
Adults think they know;
While in reality
Children live their life for they need to
And adults live for they have to.

We nurtured expectations;
We developed wants;
We built ego
And wondered why things are never in our way.

Life needs balance
A balance between wants and needs
A balance between self-esteem and ego
A balance between work and family
But we stand on an uneven ground
And so the balance is never achievable.

We thought something might happen;
We hoped something to happen;
We believed something would happen.
And in search of that something
We lost everything.

We keep running
To make both ends meet,
To keep people happy,
To satisfy the ever-growing wants;
And we get disappointed
When we realize that we did none of them
Though the running still continues.

Let us unlearn what we learnt
Let us become children at heart
Let us become saint in mind
Let us become a scholar in brain
Let us just be what we ought to be.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
Our Yoga master used to tell us,

" Just be yourselves.

Never become yourselves"

Whew we just 'be ourselves' we are what we are by nature.

When we become something / some one for some purpose...

it becomes an endless chain of changes. How correct he is!

By the way, you would have observed that there is no rhyme in this poem as well. But the message hits the nail on the head.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
With rhymes the same poem will hit even harder and get engraved in the minds of

the readers, like the letters written on a stone. Try for yourself!
" A balance between what you need and what you want", could be even better addressed as 'what you need and what you see". This could immediately reflect on the overindulgence by the few with what they see and the overwhelming large part of the population who can not afford what they need, even the basics.
This is what most of the upanisdhads state; Particularly, the Brihadaranyaka upanishad where Lord Brahma talks to his students finally on the three DA, DAYA,DAAMAM and DHAANAM.
Each DA for the group which sadly lacked it!

Damam or Self Restraint for the ever indulging Devaas;

Daya or sympathy for the ever cruel asuraas; and

Daanam or gift of sharing for the selfish human beings!

All three lessons rolled into one single syllable! :moony:
Life on Earth

That is right Mrs.Ramani. That is precisely what the Upanishad says. Since we are composed of a little of all these three gunas, one of them possibly predominating in each individual, a mix of all the three "Da" is relevant to us.
Dear Dr. Ramanathan,

Man has needed all the three 'Das' all along. He needs them more than ever in

kali yugam, in which he is as indulgent as a Deva, as cruel as an asuraa and as

selfish as he can possibly be.

with namaskaars,
Visalakshi Ramani.

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