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"Life is like that!"

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Fill the cup of your ambition with the water of your efforts.

Then God will change it to the wine of success.


God helps those who help themselves.
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mathematics in real life!

a). (+1) x (+1) =(+1)

b). (+1) x (-1) = (-1).

c). (-1) x (+1) = (-1).

d). (-1) x (-1) = (+1).

These formulas look so dry and dreary! They are so hard to remember!

But presto!

Apply them to real life and nothing will be easier to remember.

Want to know how?

Replace (+1) with 'a friend' and (-1) with 'an enemy'.

So now the modified formulas are:-

a). The friend of a friend is a friend.

b). The enemy of a friend is an enemy.

c). The friend of an enemy is an enemy.

d). The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

What can be juicier than these real life formulas?
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# 3.

Life and grammar.

1. Life is an active voice.

Think of what you can cause to happen

and not what things do to you.

2. Life is in the Indicative mood and not in subjunctive mood.

See things as they are.

3. Life is present tense.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow.

4. Live in the First Person.

Use your own intelligence.

5. Live in Singular number.

Act according to your own conscience and not for the applause of the crowd.

6. Verb Conjugate.....To love.
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# 4.

"Would you rise into the world?
You must work while others amuse themselves.

Are you desirous of a reputation for courage?
You must risk your life.

Would you be strong morally and physically?
You must resist temptations.

All this is paying in advance.
That is prospective finance.

Observe the other side of the picture.
The bad things are paid for after wards.
# 7.

Lesser your wants, happier you are.

Lesser your expectations, more contented you are.

Lesser your needs, the more gifted you are.

Life is a grinding stone!

Whether it polishes us to add many sparkling facets or

whether it crumbles us to useless dust depends on

what we are made up of!
Today's special!

To think that i could have earned the ***** long ago,

if I had started this thread instead of cherishing some one's thread...

with all the lovely quotations, observations and sayings...:nono:

Well! Life is like that (Sigh!) :drama:
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My Cousin has forwarded the New Counting Units for easier calculation. Try this.


It will be easier to converse and comprehend large numbers.

[FONT=bookman old style, new york, times, serif]A few examples:

[FONT=bookman old style, new york, times, serif]Mukesh Ambani’s home on Pedder Road costs 4.50 Kalmadi
ONGC’s annual output is 1.20 Raja
India ’s loss in G2/G3 scam is about 1.70 Raja
India ’s total annual subsidy on Kerosene is 2.00 Radias
The Bofors kickbacks amounted to 0.064 Kalmad
We can have new symbols like

Rj for Raja, Rd for Radia, Kl for Kalmadi etc.

Therefore the new conversion table will be:-

10 Kl = 1 Rd.

10 Rd = 1 Rj.

Wow! Fits in Metric system perfectly! :cheer2:

Dear Mrs. Visalakshi Ramani,

Please tell me how to calculate the Price of Onion, Garlic and Tomato in the new currency?

dear Mr. Brahmanyan,

The price of Onion, garlic and Tomatoes-though high compared to their

usual costs-will vanish into nothing when such large units are applied.

So we can stick to the original units of Rupee for the present and restrict

these astronomical units for discussing about the astonishing scandals.

with warm regards, :faint:

The rain rains just as well on the just fellow as the unjust fellow...

but chiefly on the just fellow,

because the unjust has stolen the umbrella of the just fellow!

Did you know that ...

the most underdeveloped area lies

under a man's hat?
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Epigram on Europe:

England...Everything is permitted, that is not forbidden.

Germany...Everything is forbidden, that is not explicitly permitted.

France...Everything is permitted, even what is officially prohibited.

Russia...Everything is prohibited, even what is officially permitted.
A man whose nick name was 'A Walking Encyclopedia' met his match quite unexpectedly, in a party!

The W.E (Walking Encyclopedia) was showing off the width, depth, breadth and volume of his vast knowledge to the adoring circle of friends.

(They had no choice but to grin and bear it. Well, that is another story and beside the point here.)

A very simple looking man-nothing in comparison to the W.E. in any respect- told him,"Sir! between us we know everything that needs to be known!"

The W.E gave a quizzical and queer look at the unimpressive speaker of these words. The man continued,

"You seem to know everything except that you are a bore! I know that you are a bore. So between us we know everything that needs to be known under the Sun!"

Moral of the story...
The is a David for every Goliath in God's creation!
A well written letter may bring you a new friends,

collect money for you, help you to achieve your desires;

but a poor one will cost you everything you value most.
'life is like that!'

if we accept it like that then there are no problems.

When we do not accept it starts a sries of problems.

Life is full of problems! As long as we are able to identify them and also find

suitable solutions, they won't remain as problems any more!

Life is like that :)!
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