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Let us all start a story ..

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STORY continues,
Bachelor RAJA has been loving a commonner(girl) wants to marry her and make her a member of the ROYAL family.There is lot of opposition from RajaGURUS,Other members of the Royal family and also from the ARMY.They want the younger brother to be installed as 'Raja'.The general public are confused and worried.
Kingdoms have gone.. people have lost themselves for women and land , history repeats itself...

To add to the woes of the general public who are confused and worried ,the enemy kingdom is watching all these developments.The younger brother is happy ,"key people" think he can lead the kingdom,he has never been in focus like his brother.
So younger brother begin
its imagination
in how to ruled the country
he add more ideas to lead the country
he so proud of him until he lost control
His imagination
makes the village people worries
what will happen next
will there will danger or peace
But they believe he can ruled his country
using his knowledge
the trust makes him alert
each day the younger brother wake up early
he walk through the village
talk to the village people
write the worries
try to help them
it makes the village happy
village start realise the power in younger brother
sakthi vel.they begin free to talk they problem to sakthi vel.
sakthi vel teach the guideline of god to village.
he always pray to sun to get power of mind.
he do suryayog daily to get strengh
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