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Lessons to be taught and to be learned - Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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Lessons to be taught and to be learned

October 25, 2010
The Times of India (25-10-2010) headlines screamed ‘Modi used UPA funds, conned Congress’. This is refutable and highly prejudicial because the funds used for the Central sponsored schemes are not the private monies of any one party-especially not the Congress party funds. The centre collects revenue of 50,000 crores from Gujarat. It is the taxpayers money no matter where the schemes are implemented. Such a headline and the report under that caption is condemnable and a slur on the people of Gujarat who voted for Modi and who had every right to the money spent on Garbi Kalyan Melas. It is their money. The article also talks of Modi conned the Congress. It is well known that connmen and women are in plenty in the Congress and that’s precisely why the Common Wealth Games is today known as the mother head of corruption-from sanitary towels to the eats from the over bridges that collapsed and did not collapse-from the chairs and all rental items the CWG was a blot on India and has come to be termed as the Congress Wealth Games. Gujarat is no place for such corruption. Not a finger can be pointed to Modi as a corrupt person. But can the same be said of the leaders of other parties? The TOI which is a reputed paper cannot fall to disrupt by publishing such articles with such misleading captions.
‘ The BJP won 100 percent of the six municipal corporations seats, 68.37 percent of the 807 district panchayat seats, 60.55 percent of the taluka panchayat seats and 50.71 percent of the 1890 municipality seats” writes Rajiv Shah in the TOI (25-10-2010) Modi is smart if according to Rajiv Shah he won this landside victory by using the NDA funds.
In other words the Central schemes were used usefully and conscientiously by the Gujarat government. So what’s wrong? The central schemes do not belong to the Congress and no funds came from its kitty-which is bursting at the seams. This is not the Common Wealth Games played in Modi land for corruption. It is the common wealth of the nation-the hard earned money of the taxpayers and the Rs 50,000 crores is the revenue collected by the Centre in the form of taxes from Gujarat . Rajiv Shah has given the figures but has analyzed the victory wrong. NDA is not the private corporation of the Congress and the monies towards governance is no Swiss black money of the tax evaders.
Why has the Congress not reaped the benefits of the launching of the Central schemes-because people do not live on pastas but on wheat/and bajra rotis and have some common sense. They know in spite of the names of the Nehru Gandhi family tagged to all the Central schemes these belong to the common people and not to any one political party. One would think that Rahul Gandhi makes such howlers but it seems that the coterie of news writers/media et al too project such an image.
Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s now pet Food security scheme can be named after her to reap the benefits but it will not happen-for the people through failures and repeated lessons have learned the truth. Even the Prime Minister had made the mistake of canvassing in Bihar with the same agenda-that the Central schemes are being used and misused by the State Government-they are the Central Government’s funds. Yes so what? The fund does not belong to the Congress. For a PM of this country to make such false and misleading statements was not becoming of him.It is for the Election Commission to take note of the violation of the code of conduct by the Congress leaders in stating falsehood and giving the impression that these are the Congress’ schemes. This is unfair.
Chief Minister Modi used a whopping 4,700 crore to distribute doles…adds Rajiv Shah. But all the schemes of the Central government are doles-The food security scheme is nothing but crumbs thrown to the marginalized. While Indians live in the tallest mansion of the world and when there is money to splurge and to buy any number of villas abroad-nay even to go in for sun soaked islands for holidaying-and even when rodents are fattened at the cost of the starved Indians, we have 75 percent of the population being targeted for doling out a plate full of grains at a subsidized rate. What does this sort of planning /development is called? What kind of patronage of the poor means in this country?.
But mind you all these are people’s money especially the honest commoner-the commoner who is not subsumed in corruption and who pays his taxes
The Congress has not only a lack of sense of history but is vicious and malevolent when it comes to electioneering. It waves to the people of its benevolence-of its schemes, and of its largess as though all this comes out of No 10 Janpath Road .The ideas being the brain waves of Rahul Gandhi and the implementation because of the skillful coterie lobbying of the National Advisory Council-the private parliament of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.Where does Parliament-the sovereign forum of the Indian people enter the picture and what does the Group of empowered Ministers assigned tasks aim at? It is Sonia Gandhi and Rahul all the way. This is the biggest political plunder. Yet, if the benefits did not accrue to the Congress, whose fault is it? Lies and more lies do not make truth-People have discernment and are politically mature-to see through.
Is Rajiv Shah telling us that all the doles distributed by the State government and the Centre comes from the Congress’ kitty or the pocket of Mrs Sonia Gandhi? What does he want us to believe? So what if Modi distributed doles? What is the closest ally of the Congress-the DMK doing in Tamilnadu-distributing color TV to 90 percent of the population? This again is not from the DMK party funds. Be it food subsidy, house loans, cycles, land, everything distributed either through the State governments or the Centre it is all people’s money.
As Rahul Gandhi asked a question to the youth gathered in Karnataka-‘who won us Independence’? And when answered Mahatma Gandhi-he quickly corrected them-“No, the people of India.” Similarly we must hold one line questions to the people and give them one line lessons like Rahul Gandhi did to the people of India-at whose benevolence these politically and socially powerful people are living. The aam admis are at the receiving end of subsidized grains while those who talk of it and charter out such beggary programs sit like empresses and emperors. Poor India and poor aam admis.
Lessons to given to these empresses and emperors:-‘whose money is it all?’ ‘People’s money.’ ‘Whose schemes are they? Peoples’ schemes, and on whose money are you- the empresses and emperors living on?’ ‘People’s money, and what is the contribution of the empresses and emperors contribution to Independent India?’ ‘Corruption and corruption and greater corruption’. And what do you tell people?’ ‘Lies and more lies’. And how do you conn the aam admis?’ By misleading them, waving to them with a dirty HAND and cheating them of their birthright.’ Who should rule this country?’ ‘The people of India.’. Why?’ because this is not an oligarchy but a democracy which means rule of the people for the people and by the people.
Three cheers for Modi for teaching the political empresses and emperors of the Congress these simple lessons and by doing so had a landslide victory at the grassroots levels.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,
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