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Legal opinion

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this is disgusting. only in india is this xtian or muslim conversion thing appears to be so prevalent.

personally, i think, if folks marry across religion, it is best done in registered. the children should be given the best of both the faiths, and i think, if my children marry out of religion, the grand kids appreciate hinduism for all its glory.

too bad that most hindus give in to the blackmail of other faiths in india, and give up their identity by changing names and religion.

hope this 'sam' finds herself to retain her dignity, her faith and above all the freedom to raise children in hindu faith.
that is true most india people like to work in foreign country
married there just to get citizens
later they convert other religion
Under the aegis of UN, we have eradicated small pox, trying to eradicate TB, polio, etc. We are all global and why not, for a change, ask UN, in one voice to eradicate religions. Of course, UN can find employment to the dismissed Marketing Engineers in productive fields instead of the deceptive strait arid zones.
Not open for further replies.

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