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Legacy of religion

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Chinese have more influence now than any other country in World affairs.

When Chinese economy grows further, they will have even more influence.

Both economically and politically, China is going to be a force to reckon with in future.

After collapse of Soviet Union, their was no challenge to USA. But now China could not be ignored.

Indian Foreign Minister's recent comments on Iran may not be to the liking of USA but it is a welcome move to buy piece in the subcontinent.

India Prefers Prosperous Iran

I think USA is losing its influence every where.

All the best

India's neighbors are increasingly relying on China,as the super-power in the region.India is no match for China,as USA has pumped it up with steroids,and China exports are booming,thereby making the Chineses dump products cheaply.Sri Lankan war,was a machination to convert the nation into a christian stronghold,which has backfired temperorily,also to destabilise Tamizh Nadu thereby India.In fact India's enemies are working overtime,to split India,into smaller nations like USSR was dis-membered.India's best option is offence as defence,but then,i doubt Indian leader's would do that..vithanda vaadam is a way of life for us Indian,even to non-resident Indians to boot.:pout:
India follows the policy of Mahatma Gandhi. We don't want to quarrel with any of our neighbours including Pakistan. Unfortunately Pakistan has developed an enmity with India which is totally unwarranted.

As far Srilanka, it is a time tested democracy believing in rule of Law. If the Sinhalese leaderships shows maturity and take all the ethnic minorities with them, it can prosper very well.

India is on the verge of finding a solution of the border dispute with China and once it is done, we may not have any problem with China. Already China has recognized Sikkim merger with India which is a great development.

Future belongs China, India and other nations in Asia. A prosperous Asia is good for the entire world.

All the best
China's map show Arunachala Pradesh as part of China.The land in Siachen Glacier is part of CHina donated by Pakistan.The map pf Pakistan shows Kashmir as their's.The CIA map show's Kashmir as disputed.Indian public is being cheated by goverment.

There are unrest in Assam,Manipur,Meghalaya,West Bengal....it's like a gunpowder ready to explode,with yet another telengana riot in Andhra Pradesh...it's a wake up call in Mumbai when India was attacked...yet we are playing gandhi and boondhi to public:pout:

Our religion asks us to fight for our dharma...instead adharma is ruling India.

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couldnt find an appropriate thread & hence posting here.

Separate truths : It is misleading — and dangerous — to think that religions are different paths to the same wisdom

Separate truths - The Boston Globe

good read !
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