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Left Vs Right brain

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Right and left brain are supposed to have different modes of thinking. The left brain is supposed to be verbal, logical, sequential good at arithmetic, language skills etc and right brain is associated with intuition, holistic thinking. People are supposed to be left brain dominant, right brain dominant or balanced.

I would like to provide a new twist to this. My theory is that the left brain is subservient to the right brain and is only acts as the processor of the information grasped by the right brain. It orders the random, intuitive thoughts of the right brain into a coherent unit. Intuition is the only mode of grasping reality. Logic is nothing but ordering it.

There are four broad possibilities:

Great right brain, left brain - universal genius (Adi Sankara?)
Great right brain, not so great a left brain - Einstein
Not so great a right brain, great left brain - Ph.Ds
So So left & right - The rest
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