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Layman's book (Sort of "for Dummies") for fixing Muhurtham (something "Fixing Muhurtham: Easy steps fixing auspicious times for important ceremonies")


I often assist Hindus in Germany (where I continue to live after retiring as a management consultant) in conducting ceremonies. At times people ask me to conduct grihapravesam, having fixed the muhurtham with their family priest in India. I notice that most priests and the grihastha ignore the fact that these calculations are specific to latitude and longitude of the location where the ceremony is to be held. Some mechanically get the muhurtham for their town in India, and subtract 4.5 hours from it.

This is patently wrong. E.g. Rahukalam for Friday in India falls at 10:30am. It would be wrong to thus say that here Rahukalam is at 6am on Friday. In fact, here it is from 10:42am to 11:57am.

Is there a book for the layman for fixing Muhurtam? Any recommendations?
Nice to have info. Why don't you give various rahu kalam and ema kandam tines for majority of Hindus stayed abroad which may be useful to the community.

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