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Lawyers vs police

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The recent developments in the lawyers-police clashes signify
the political clout and blackmailing power of the lawyer community in TN.
Transfer of 3 higher officials from the police dept and recmmendation for
suspension of 3 IPS officers appear one-sided. They also point to the
political parties behind.

What about the lawyers who started the whole issue and held the
entire TN to ransom, in the name of fighting for Srilankan Tamil cause, for the last 2 months?

Should not those who scolded, threw eggs at and manhandled Swamy inside the High Court, in the very presence of judges be punished?

Should not those who burnt down the police station, attacked the police be suspended or debarred?

Should not those advocates who indulged in arson and vandalism,
terrorising all the onlookers be put behind bars?

The judiciary appears to have developed a soft corner for advocates - may be out of fear or solidarity.
you see the CJ came out hard against the lawyers. But the lawyers know who the real masters are - so they just ignored that.

see how hollow is the principle of democracy.

Rajya Bharam is a too heavy thing to place in the shoulders of common masses.
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In the world whats going on is,demockcrazy!The rich are looting and becoming richer and the poorer are letting themselves to be looted and getting poorer.Following the Britsh pattern of Judicial system has its own deficiecies,when natives try to ape it.

Any system becomes corrupt or self-defeating, only because of some individuals who occupy critical positions in it.
Law and Order is a joke in India...

The Judiciary mechanism is a sloth that does not move a muscle to scratch its own back...

It is feudalism cloaked in the sham of democracy that we see now...

With such a state of affairs, such incidents are but natural resultants...

The lawyers struck work till the High Court ordered the suspension of two senior police officers. At the same time the polce cannot go on strike till the errant lawyers who burnt the police station are jailed.That is because their sevice rules prohibit such an action
The present set of lawyers seem to have forgotten that they belong to a learned and noble profession and have taken to trade unionisom backed by political parties which does not augur well for the country
To All, First let the Govt of India Scrap the old Un written British Law useing in the name of Indian Law. The Law is having lot of loop holes. The Police Dept cannot do any thing against the Lawyers since they belong to Dravidan paties.Our Police Officials become so soft and they ferget their Identity. Only the GOD come and save them.S.R.K.
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