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Lateral Thinking & Puzzles

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Lateral thinking or Out-of-Box thinking is the art that is acehieved by unlearning and then relearning. That is the art of learning anything new without fixing any usual pattern in the mind. That is the reason how children learns faster than a man or woman. I found some of the lateral thinking samples in Jokes thread. I felt it would be better if all those samples and concepts are posted here in this Lateral thinking thread. I believe in people achieving greater things in life with the help of Lateral thinking which then becomes their habit instead of it being a voluntary feature.
1. A man is returning from Switzerland by train. If he had been in a non-smoking car he would have died. Why?
2. The music stops, and a woman dies. Why?

Any answers are welcome.
my try

1 . due to cold
2. music here is the heart beat

Just tried
1) coz...the non smokin's an A/C place wid d windows shut...In case the guy wants to escape ..jump outta the door/window etc, he wud'nt be

2)aap hi bataiye
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