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Largest Gold Coin

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Largest Gold Coin


India was the richest country in the ancient world. Until 1987 the largest gold coin was an Indian coin issued by the Mogul emperor Jahangir. Seventeenth century Mogul ruler of India Jahangir recorded in his memoirs presenting a 1000 Mohur coin to Shah of Persia’s ambassador in 1612. That was the only reference to this gigantic coin. Probably one or two only were ever struck.

The coin’s diameter is seven inches, it weighs 27 pounds. The coin was embellished with poetic description of its image in Arabic and Persian. It was written by Jahangir’s court poet. The coin was auctioned in Geneva along with Shahjehan’s 100 mohur gold coin struck in 1639. The mystery owner of the largest coin was auctioned by Swiss auction firm Habsburg Feldman in 1987. Though the owner expected to sell it for ten million dollars he got only 8 million dollars (£4-47 million).

The existence of this coin was unknown, until rumours began to circulate in the market. It was suggested that the coin was removed from the Iranian Treasury by the late deposed Shah and came for sale from his family. The second largest gold coin issued by Shahjehan attracted a bid of £1.56 million. All these prices were 1987 prices. It must have multiplied in value by now.

Latest Gold coin

Recently Canada issued a 100 kilo gold coin. But in 2011 Australia made a 1000 kilo gold coin to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s visit. The gold coin has queen on one side and a leaping Kangaroo on the other side. Its denomination is 1 million Australian dollars. But the actual worth of the coin is £35 million. It weighs 2213 lb, 31 inches wide (80 cm) and 4-7 inches (12 cm) thick. The Western Australian Perth mint took 18 months to make it.

The Australian gold coin is ten times heavier than the Canadian coin, which weighed 100 kilos. With all the modern technology they were able to produce such a big coin. But India led the world till 1987. Nobody produced any coin equal to the Moghul gold mohurs.

Museums and Private parties have India’s riches around the world. They are worth billions of dollars. Tehran Museum in iran is one of the richest museums in the world. A lot of Indian gems and jewelleries are displayed in Tehram museum.

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