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Laloo Prasad Yadav Solved Indo - Pak Crisis...

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Laloo Prasad Yadav was sent to Islamabad, Pak for holding Taks with Pak President Gilani representing India.
After many round of talks with Laloo,Pak President agreed to handover the Lands brutally encroched by Pakistanis in Kashmir,and also signed in a Stamp Paper that Pakistan will never involve in any Disaster actions against India.
Our PM Dr MMS, opp leader Shri LK.Advani and all political parties were totally shocked with joy and very happy over the Decisions taken by Pak President.
Every political leaders in India were wondered How Laloo ji has achieved the 50 yrs Conflict in one day round talks.
All political leaders went and asked laloo....
Laloo ji ,"How did you achieved this?
Laloo very coolely replied," I gave just 2 options to Pak President.He chose one out of it"
What are those 2 options? Dr MMS asked.
Laloo replied," I told Pak President either you hand over the Kashmiri land 2 India and stop all criminal disaster against India ...Otherwise...What Otherwise Mr Laloo please tell..Dr MMS asked with Exitement...
Be the All India National President of my Party--RJD...
I think this joke is an extension of Laloo joke on Kashmir solution.

Please recollect Vajpayee and Nawaz shariff meeting in Lohore long back.
Laloo becomes Prime Minister of India and goes to Lahore and meets Nawaz Shariff. Both the PMs come out within 15 minutes and tell the media that Kashmir Problem is solved once for all. They don't give further details. Media was curious to know the details but both of them are not willing to share any further information.

Finally one reporter managed to talk to Laloo privately and asked Laloo what happened.Laloo said Nawas wanted Kashmir. Laloo said ok take it but on one condition- Since I have become Prime Minister of India, I don't want Bihar anymore. You have to take Bihar and Kashmir together. Nawas was shocked to accept Bihar along with Kashmir and told Laloo to keep both Bihar and Kashmir with India itself.
Laloo Attended an Iyers Marriage.

Once Laloo ji attended a Palakkad Iyers marriage.
He was very much interested in Music.
Every one introduced ...He is Valayapatti, a famous Thavil Vidhwan..
Then ...He is Karukurichi Arunachalam The most famous Nathaswaram Player...
Laloo was very much happy and he gave Rs 1000/- each to Valayapatti and Karukurichi...
Both of them are very happy.
Then laloo turned to ,"Othu Oodhum Boy " and gave him 2000/- as Tips.
Every one in that marriage were shocked.
Karukurichi and Valayapatti were International Players of Musical Instruments.They also shocked at the behaviour of Laloo...
Laloo Replied in Malayalam....
EE Alu Vittu Vittu Oothy...But this boy Vidama Oothy..
Also Valayapatti,...
another joke about Laloo..

once former US president Bill Clinton visited india....he heard
about bihar and then chief minister Laloo prasad....after
visiting bihar ..the president told CM that..give one month time..
i will make bihar as looklike USA...then the Hon'able CM told
Laloo"s First Train Journey...

It was for the very first time during the British Rule,when Mr Laloo was a Teen Ager,Travelled in a Train from Patna to Delhi.He travelled through night.In the morning while Mr Laloo woke up saw that the Train is likely to stop in a Station Near a River.Some co-passenger told him that the Train will stop in that station for some time to have brakefast.
By mistake Laloo,thought that the Train will stop like a Jutkawala and he got down from his compartment and went to riverside for completing 1 and 2.Then he took a fine bath in the river and arrived his platform.
Meanwhile the Train in which he travelled from Patna left the Station and another Train from Delhi to Patna (Opp.Direction) halted in the same Platform.Laloo thought that it was the Train in which he already travelled.
As he had his breakfast ,he had a slight Guidiness and had a small sleep in his upper berth.
He was unable to sleep as he saw a Fine girl in the opposite Middle Berth.He wants to talk to the girl.He asked...Where are you Going?
I am going to Patna, the young girl replied...
Again laloo said to the Girl," Indian Railway has developed a lot !.Upper Berth is going to Delhi ,while the lower berth is returning to Patna..."

from now on, do not open a separate thread for lalloo jokes.. reuse the same one.. thanks.

i have merged all lalloo threads.
Once Laloo went to a bar during his foreign trip. Bar attender was moving from table to table. The man on Laloo's left said Johny walker - Single. The man on the right said Remi Martin - Single. When Laloo's turn came, he told the attender Laloo Yadav - Married.
Laloo wanted to know the time difference between New Delhi and New York. He phoned up an online service. The lady on the other side said `one second sir'. Laloo said thanks and closed the call
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