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Lalitha stavaratnam

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Iam a new member to the association; My pranam to every member first
Long time ago I had gone through an old almost mutilated book which I collected
from a local old paper shop on Lalitha Stavaratnam by sage Durvasa; if i remember
correct it was published by Brahma vidya mandiram, chennai in 1937(?) and the author
was sbrahmanya aiyer. I lost the book a precious collection somehow and Iam unable to find it
anywhere in chennai. In the book I found vivid description given by the sage of the walls of
the fort within which the deity resides- there is mention of metal like copper, gold forming the walls
and even gems- recently there was a news item from NASA of the existence of a distant cosmic body
which spectroscopically proved to be diamond! my contention here is how true the descriptions are of
our ancient seer s on celestial life and matter- close to confirmation by our modern sophistical instruments
and technological breakthroughs!

If anyone has a copy of this valuable book can i appeal for a pdf copy of the same for my research
Dear Vasudev,
sad that you have lost a very valuable book. If you ever find it please let me know.If you are looking for alternate sources for Lalitha Stavaratnam there are two which have become available recently. One is from www.srimahaperiyavaltrust.com It is a PDF file of three of Sage Durvasa's works with Tamil translation by Sri Simizhi Radhakrishna sastry (book name is Sthuti Thrayee) and the second is a version with pratipada artha for Stavaratnam available at Giri in Mylapore.Hope this helps.Regards, krishnaswamy.
thank you very much sir for providing me with valuable information on the availability of
Lalitha stavaratnam in PDF form as well as in book form from two different sources.
Iam indeed grateful to you for this.
Iam sure many readers will also benefit by this.

Not open for further replies.

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