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Kula sabaam

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what is kula saabam. HOW TO SOLVE IT.

Shri Kanesen,

I find that you have raised a somewhat similar query in another thread and some views have been expressed. In the olden days there was a belief that if there are some diseases - like madness, leprosy (which was then incurable), etc., there was perhaps some "kula saapam" - curse on the entire family, not on a particular person alone. Today, with so much advancement of science, leprosy is not incurable though contacting this disease is unfortunate, anyway. Madness running in the family may also be not due to any superhuman cause. Young people get very much affected by the mental illness of their parents, brother, sister and such close relatives who live in the same house specially. There are more chances that such youngsters when they grow up succumb to mental weaknesses and madness when faced with very difficult problems in life. I know of one or two cases where the man/woman got mental aberration immediately after marriage probably because they were not prepared to face the reality of sex and the thought that their revered parents also did the same. In everyone of these cases it is best to approach a competent medical practitioner first.

If your query is, however, related to the infertility problem which you have raised elsewhere, kindly see competent gynaecologist, fertility clinics, etc.
Dear friends im looking for a temple name SELLAI AMMAN at tanjavoor Pls anyone knows the adds or where it is locate pls give me a reply THANKS IN ADVANCE
Samayapuram Mariamman was known as Selli amman in AD 1300
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