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Know the views of those who consider us as enemies

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I didn't name this thread as "Know Your Enemies" coz i truly believe that we shouldn't fall into the same trap of those who consider us as enemies.

I am generally very interested in knowing the opposite view & hence frequent few websites which i thought of sharing with the members of the forum. These websites give a good indicator of how the non-brahmin community is feeling/thinking etc...

www.karuthu.com - This is a forum started by Kanimozhi (MK's daughter) & Karthik Chidambaram. This has some solid discussions & there are a few staunch anti-brahmin contributors

www.viduthalai.com - Newspaper started by EVR & now edited by K Veeramani. You can expect some raunchy stuff about Brahmanism in this. This site has lot of links to other EVR sites including 'The Rationalist' for those who cannot read tamil.

www.dalitvoice.org - Started by VT Rajsekhar who is perhaps the kannadiga equivalent of Veeramani. Is a Buddist convert & has penned lot of anti-brahmin stuff

www.dawn.com - Pakistan English daily. Visit this for lot of interesting letters & articles

www.thebangladeshtoday.com - Take it from me, Bangladesh is a much much much bigger threat than Pakistan. So definitely need to track the mood of this nation.

In between lot of rhetoric, we might stumble upon something which is genuinely wrong with us which we could correct ourselves.
Come on!!!!!

I feel there is nothing wrong , if they consider us enemies you can also do so. We are not against anyone.But if they mount oppression there is a limit.I have already pointed out have it in mind that 'going by merit' is the law of the nature where reservation is the artificial , work of saitans. People , who are well off , got benefitted from reservation will certainly bat for that. It wont eliminate caste . They know it well. If they back reservation for only intercaste marriages I believe their stand. This is the basic. If you say 'guys we have no problem with reservations' all people will praise us.Just opportunistic they are. If BJP promises more reservation they will certainly vote for them.No doubt about it. But dont forget there are so many people who are poor ,some are rich , who may be athiest or God believers or from minority communities feel that reservation is illegal.I guess if we believe ourself that we are speaking truth no hesitatation is required to fire our thoughts. Remember Bharathi's word 'Even the world opposes I hav no fear'.And about Pak and Bangaladesh I believe that they can do no big harm to India. But our politicians can ......If they remove the feeling that 'We are Indians' thats enough. People like Gnani is giving statistics on the muslim prisoners.....Whats the motive ? TO mislead the masses and turn them against Hindus.
About Bang. And Pak.

Having read a lot of muslim journals in tamil,I feel both mus. &christi. r trying to cash in on the anti-brahmin mood in TN & win many more converts.also our OBC brothers hate us &have friendly relationships with muslims,inspite of many atrocities against them commited during muslim rule.even in tamil cinemas muslims r always shown as very pious,magnanimous while portraying brahmins as crooked,vile creatures.but never forget islamists in pak,bang,india hate not only us .they hate jews,christians other pagans &in short, all the KAFIRS(so dont worry about islamist hatred).
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